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All messages in Inbox gone!


All messages in Inbox gone!

Help!! All the messages in my Inbox suddenly disappeared!! I did not delete anything and I don't have Outlook Express or any other mail program. I am only using webmail with as my home page. New messages are coming in, but all the old ones are GONE!! I need them back. Have been shuffled through 3 tech support people with no results. What next???
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Re: All messages in Inbox gone!

hi wants2know!

have you checked the trash folder? how about smart phones that may have downloaded the emails?

also, was the email ID temporarily suspended before this happened?
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Re: All messages in Inbox gone!

Hi Akee, No, none of the above. Nothing in Trash, or stored anywhere else on my computer. No smart phone, no problem with ID. This has now happened again on the morning of the 15th!!! My suspicion is problem with the server, either ATT or Yahoo, I was also promised that an Advanced Tech Support would call me within 24 hours. Ha, Ha. Still waiting.
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Losing existing email messages in my inbox

This happens frequently. I will go to my email and they will be several days messages, some read and some unread. I might read a few of them and then the mail gets sluggish. I either can go back out or click Check Mail and when it comes back up, all but the most current messages will have disappeared. does not matter if they have or have not been read, they are just gone. Cannot retrieve them cause I don't know where they went.. I never had this problem when I was just on It happens because of this ATT/Yahoo combining thing. Any clues how to fix this? Michael
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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

I did not WANT a new password, and I didn't WANT my 2 separate mail boxes combined - and I'm not going to call that HELP number where I have to listen to recordings of your "services" while I wait for a human on the other side of the world to mess up things even worse than they are. Sunday, I called that number to find out why my mail was not being delivered to my Microsoft Outlook mailbox. The person in India had me reconfigure some of my settings, but that didn't work - then he began telling me what I did not "understand"... That didn't help restore my service either... He transferred me to a Tech-2 agent in Dallas - who walked me through the procedure to change my Password. Now I find, I am stuck with an entirely different mail page and settings - I no longer have a separate "anonymous" mailbox on Yahoo - My given name appears for junkmailers, Nigerians, mail-order clerks, and Joe-Schmoes from internet forums (who want to get to know me better and can look up my local address & phone number)... Your techs did not restore the service that was down, but closed my access to Outlook unless I change the log-in to match my junk-mail box on Yahoo. What's more - they removed my contacts list & address book from my Yahoo box. And ANOTHER thing - I can no longer just click on Yahoo "mail" to get into that box - I have to follow your cutesy little maze, going into my att account, and hunt for the link that will direct me to one mailbox or the other... And I don't appreciate the gratuitous att bar that appears with additional junk whenever I turn on my computer. I will opt out of your intrusive Non-service as soon as my contract for the ATT "bundle" expires. It's worse than letting children rifle through my personal stuff in my home or office....

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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

@ michael,

check if your computer might have a client email setup to download your emails from the Yahoo server (i.e outlook, outlook express etc.)

see if your emails have automatically been downloaded there.
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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

I have the exact same problem.  Two sundays ago i was checking my email and they were gone.  I am talking to a tech support representative from the email company to see if they know what happened or where i can find my lost emails.

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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

Have no clues to offer since I am in exactly the same predicament. It's NOT NEW, has happened several times  and as is indicated in some of the other statements, I've not even gotten a response to 2 emails I've sent regarding the problem.  I've used Yahoo mail with both SBC and now ATT and am very comfortable with it outside of this problem.  Support like this is likely to drive me away.

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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

 Hello ExATTuserToBe,

If your previous mails are not available in the AT&T web mail's Inbox and also not available in the trash folder, please, check if you have any other folder in your AT&T web mail and if the previous mails have been moved in that folder or not. 


If mails are not available in any of the folder, possibly you have an email client and your email account is configured in any of your email client (Microsoft Outlook 98/2000/2002/2003, Outlook Express, IncrediMail 618 and higher, Eudora 5.1 and higher) and the option in your email client to save your mails on the server (AT&T web mail) is not selected. Hence, all the mails have been moved from your AT&T server (AT&T Yahoo! web mail) to your email client.

I would suggest you to select the option on your email client to 'leave a copy of message on the server'.


To select 'Leave a copy of message on the server', please, follow the steps available in the link mentioned below accordingly. 80


If none of the reason is effecting the issue that you are experiencing or if the issue persist after trying all the suggestions mentioned above, I would like to inform you that this issue will be best resolved by contacting AT&T technical voice help desk at 1-877-722-3755 (open 24/7)and ask for tier 2 support.They will help you and troubleshoot according to their recommendation.

Remember to always mark items that you find useful as "Accepted Solutions”, you can even mark multiple
in a single thread.  This will help other users find this information too!!

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Losing existing email messages in my inbox

Thanks Penny really good to get a response to my problem.  I use Mac Mail and as far as I can tell I HAD asked that the emails be saved, but I'll go back over it.  By the way, has not happened in recent days.



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