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Adding eMail Sub Account

Adding eMail Sub Account

I have spent the last 2 1/2 hours attempting to add a Sub account to my email service. 


I found (by mistake): go to http:/ - I do, I sign in (more times than I can remember) and GUESS WHAT

There is no 'My Profile' button/menu, so I cannot go to 'Manage Sub Accounts' or 'Add Sub Accounts'.


Can anyone tell me how to add EMAIL sub accounts (I found how to add a second ID account - like one isn't enough).


And I agree with the other the comments - for a communtications company,  ATT doesn't, this is the worst web site I think I have ever attempt to navigate through.

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Re: Adding eMail Sub Account

AT&T has the worst site for finding out how to do anything.  Even when I click on the "help" button it brings up a blank page then has the audacity to ask, "was this page useful?"  How can it be useful when it doesn't have any information on it?  Someone is asleep at the website programming office.  


I use to be able to just click on "Add email account". That is no longer an option and if it is, they hid it very well.  One would think with the money they receive from all their customers, they would be able to hire website professionals that would make it easier to change account settings.  I have also wasted over an hour in my account to find out how to add an email account but as of yet have not found it.    Even if I cannot add another email account, just give me something to click on that states, "Your account cannot add another email account."



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Re: Adding eMail Sub Account

Every time I need to manage my sub accounts the procedure is different. This time it is impossible! There is no way to do it. Menus in the "help" do not exist or are linked somewhere else- the AT&T account page which has a different login and no way to do it there, although you can see the sub accounts.


Now I am stuck and have received no answer from emails to AT&T support.


You would think someone would monitor this forum...



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Re: Adding eMail Sub Account

AT&T neglected to inform that you login to the manage accounts page with your email primary account login and password, not the one you may use to pay your bills. so the link works, just not the way you would think.


I found that tip elsewhere in this forum.

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