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Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP


Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

Dear ATT,

Why is it, that you can't keep the billing straight on my account?  Why is it that I must call every month, and be on the phone for hours to try and resolve this issue.  Honestly, as soon as I can you guys are history and Comcast will be back.  I never ever had this trouble with them!  Everyone I speak to at ATT "promises" to fix the issue" and each and every month they are not successful!  Then there is the issue of your  hours, we should be able to contact ATT billing at any time not just M-F 8 to 5.  Your service is deplorable for the money we pay!

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Re: Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

I suggest contacting Alex, he will have the proper people contact you to resolve your billing issues.




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Re: Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

I think to make ATT to change their practice, we all should send all the complains to BBB instead of posting here or calling them. 

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Re: Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

Yes I agree, file a BBB complaint. I learned that they will not solve your problem, and just give false advertisement, chronic incorrect billing, and rude customer service!

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Re: Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

DEja  vu.......................Been there  and  still there  since  last  September  , I did  finally  get  some  relief   this  month  instead of it  being 48.00  it  was  24.00  but it  wasn't the  21.50 I was  promised . I too had  to  email them   to  get it this  far , but yes  I think BBB is  a  sure  option  in our cases .  and I learnt  that  what  you see advertised on line  you cannot  call and  order it must be  done on line  as  well, which  may be  the best  way  its  all documented than with  snippet or  copy  and  paste .....The ppl  you speak with on the  phone  must  be on  commmision  type  sales  so  thats  why nothing gets  done  , or in their  words  , oh  that  doesnt  apply  to you .

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Re: Account billing ALWAYS MESSED UP

I couldn't agree with you more!  I have encountered nothing but frustration and confusion with dealing with my AT&T billing and payment status.  It has been a terrible and ridiculous nightmare for me as well.  You would think that AT&T of all companies would care about such negative feedback from its customers and do whatever they could to improve things.  If I had known ahead of time how awful trying to simply receive one bill for all my services, and pay on time without all the surprises and utter confusion, I would have never considered switching.  It has been so terrible.  DON'T SWITCH if it's not too late.

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