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Accessing online account impossible in weekend


Accessing online account impossible in weekend

Resetting account requires last digits of number on bill and bill cannot be accessed because it is online!   I want to see  my recent bill but cannot recall how to access it online - using paperless billing and trying to be a good citizen.   Guess what? Unless its a week day you cannot do that!  No live person works in the billing office anywhere in the entire world on a weekend!!!    SO my bill is totally inaccessible until Monday.  Why is that?   I will be going back to paper billing or removing ATT internet and phone altogether.  

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Re: Accessing online account impossible in weekend

I'm having the same problem. When I finally get someone on the phone they give me the wrong account number... one that doesn't fit the format needed to get your billing info.


This is so frustrating! B of A lost my credit card info to a bad guy and now I can't get my new credit card info to AT&T. These corporations have the worse customer service ever!

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Re: Accessing online account impossible in weekend

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