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Absolutely horrible experience getting residential DSL set up


Absolutely horrible experience getting residential DSL set up

I recently made an order for dsl service to be started at my fiance's house. I would like to share the awful experience that entailed. I made the order early last week, 1st week of march, and was told that the service would start march 5th. At the time of the order I told the agent that i wanted the dsl to be associated with my wireless number, also i said i did NOT need a modem or a service tech to install the dsl. March 5th rolls around and a modem shows up at my doorstep, a modem that I did NOT order or need. Also no dsl service. So after calling and being subjective to ridiculously long wait times and being transferred from several different places and people b/c the one i was talking to either couldn't pull up my account or couldn't help me with my problem. Come to find out that the service was scheduled to start on march 8th, not the 5th. March 8th comes and goes and still no service. A service tech did come out to the house to work on the outside cables, but never mentioned anything about having to go inside. After emailing, chatting, and talking to yet another amount of ridiculously inept customer "service" representatives it turns out that the service tech did need to go into the house to do some sort of wiring, but since my fiance had left to get her kids from school no one was home to let him in. Now no one bothered saying anything to her when they got there, b/c she was home when they showed up, they just left the work unfinished and that was that. She even told him that she was getting ready to leave, and he never brought up the fact that he needed inside. I have at&t for not only my personal cell phone service with my fiance's on a family plan, we both have iphones even which just makes the phone bill ridiculously high. But on top of that I have at&t for my business phone and internet services. After this experience I have decided to move in another direction, because I don't like being affiliated with such an inept company who obviously doesn't value it's customer's high enough to provide good customer service. I would suggest to anyone who is contemplating going with at&t for either residential or business services to seriously rethink going with a much better customer friendly company.
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Re: Absolutely horrible experience getting residential DSL set up

yep! att online service is worse than the dmv at lunch hour. but their service over the phone rocks! they have the nicest people there to help you with all your questions, except the question about why their online service is trash.
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