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ATT will not respond to my letters


ATT will not respond to my letters

I have sent two letters to AT&T in an effort to resolve a billing issue but I have not received a response. The first letter was dated February 10, 2012 The second letter was dated April 21, 2012.


The following is a cut/paste from the first letter:


......I am writing this letter regarding my account with your company.  I have received a notice from a collection agency seeking payment. My records show that my account was  closed in august 2011 and all equipment was returned. The account should have a zero balance.  Please review my account and provide me with an accurate statement. Also notify your collection agency that my account is closed and there is a zero balance.


I have attempted to settle this matter with you multiple times over the telephone without success and in fact, your customer service has been a miserable experience.


Please contact me at the address given above if you have any questions or need additional information.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter......


Since this is now in collection, my credit rating is likely affected. I want to resolve this issue but I need ATT to respond to my request.







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Re: ATT will not respond to my letters

ATT does not answer directly on this site, but you can send a PM to Alex (ATT employee) who can help you:


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