ATT Yahoo Pop Servers...


ATT Yahoo Pop Servers...

For over 3 weeks, when I try to get POP mail from my ATT Yahoo accounts, I get FREQUENT errors and password requests, approximately 25% of the time, it will fail...  If I resend, most of the time it will work OK but, on occasion, it takes 3 or 4 tries to get mail...  As a computer consultant, I figured server overload because it was mostly me and did the exact same thing on all three of my PC's and Phone...  Now I am getting calls from my customers complaining about the exact same thing...  I feel that there must be an authentication issue that is causing a problem and it's getting very annoying..!

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Re: ATT Yahoo Pop Servers...

Extremely frustrating and it's impossible to talk to a real person.  I suggest that AT&T do a Google search on "Internal Server Error 6532" and see how many hits they get.  Yes, it's a major problem and it's AT&T's problem, nothing to do with client set-up.  FIX THE PROBLEM AT&T!

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Re: ATT Yahoo Pop Servers...

Try this - it worked for me.


I fixed my Outlook 2007 by changing the Inbound and Outbound to the standard Yahoo settings:


  • Incoming Mail Server
  • Outgoing Mail Server

I changed this ten days ago, and have not been asked for Username/Pswd since.

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