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ATT Worldnet Services

Does anyone know about the elimination of the DSL Worldnet Services from ATT? I received an email stating they will cease offering this service and I will be eligible for comparable ATT services for my internet. I am trying to find out what comparable services ATT provides. It's impossible to reach anyone from ATT on the phone who knows anything about this. I tried for hours and kept getting bounced around until I finally gave up. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

Hello asc,


I can only imagine how frustrated you must be with us at this point, I appreciate the admirable restraint you exercised in your message. My sincere apologies for the time you have spent dealing with this issue.

If you are using AT&T WorldNet email account and if you have received an email from AT&T to migrate your AT&T email account, than you need to migrate your AT&T email account, as guided in the email for the migration.


You may also use the link mentioned below to migrate the services to AT&T Dial to retain your Worldnet accounts:


In case of any doubt, please contact Worldnet Customer Care at 800-400-1447

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Re: ATT Worldnet Services: Switch to Covad first or transition email first?

I'm an AT&T DSL customer who wants to switch to Covad AND keep my address. 1) I just want to be POSITIVE that one must switch to Covad BEFORE transferring the email--what I've read thruout these posts seems to indicate the opposite in some places. Hoping to see a reply from someone who successfully did it. 2) Once the email is transferred how do I get the POP info so I can Outlook Express? (I assume it will be different)
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services: Just trying to get it all straight

After reading all the above posts, I just want to see if I've somehow managed to get this all straight. I've been a user for a long time, switched to AT&T DSL a few years ago. Now I get "AT&T powered by Yahoo", but have kept the original AT&T home page and webmail. If I read correctly, the new directive for changing to the dial-up has actually nothing to do with how you connect to the net, but simply to keep your email. It sounds like i qualify for Zero Dollar E mail since I'm on your DSL, but if so, how do I transfer my information? I'm in Il so I'm not part of the Covad bunch. True, this has been an absolute mess, with even less customer service, but I want to keep the email I have now so there is no choice but to work with it. That you have given us less than 2 months to decide what to do is terrible.That you can't actually speak to someone who knows what they are talking about in a language you can understand after waiting on hold for over an hour is really just great. You can skip the canned apology, just tell me if I have guessed right and who to try and call. Thanks.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services: How do I change ISP username and password (no router) in Windows XP Home?

I appear to have successfully migrated my DSL to Covad and my email to at&t Powered by Yahoo. I tried to handle this for a friend as well, but the one piece of the puzzle that's very unclear is how/where I change her at&t-assigned username and password (for the dsl service, not for email). The at&t Covad instructions indicated that this must be change either on the router (which is where I changed mine) or on the "PC or DSL equipment." She connects via the Broadxent 8012 modum: she has no router. I have no idea where in XP her at&t username/password appear. Can anyone please advise? My friend cannot connect at this point, although she received the confirmation email from Covad that her account is active. dg
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services: How do I change ISP username and password (no router) in Windows XP Home?


Find the instructions for your modem, it will help you with the change.

This is similar to how you change the login on a router, but in this case you have a modem. Open internet explorer, delete what ever is in the URL box and enter This should connect you to the modem directly. The modem will ask for a user/password, check your instructions for what to enter, such as user: admin, password: admin.

Hope this helps. Rich.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I am sorry to say the information from Penny at the DSL Technical Team Experts is not helpful at all. When you call the number noted below, you are told to call another number. For the past three weeks, I have been trying to reach someone at AT&T to help me with migration to another service provider. Apparently, there is a block on my account, which will not let another provider order DSL service from me to them. Only AT&T can unblock the account. I have been trying over the past two weeks to reach someone at AT&T and have been re-routed to several wrong numbers. Finally, one person told me I must talk to "billing." The message tells me the waiting time to talk to a rep is 60 minutes. This is the fourth time I am trying to call, and I have now been on hold for almost two hours. If anyone from the The AT&T DSL Technical Experts Team is monitoring this board, I would appreciate help before my account runs out, and I am left without Internet service.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I have now been on the phone for exactly two hours, and no one is picking up to take this call.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I am a long time worldnet customer but over the years I have moved to get my access via non-AT&T providers. Can you confirm to me that I can migrate my current worldnet account, including 3 email addresses, to the free att/yahoo service and retain my email addresses. I was told this would be the case via phone several months ago before the migration and the monthly fee went to $0 but have only found this thread to confirm it. Aside from dial access, which I do not need, I really do not understand what I get by paying 7.95 per month versus using the free yahoo service. I have to retain my email addresss and it looks like I could migrate them and changing the POP and SMTP links I use in Outlook. Can you help me understand this. Thanks
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

i believe you are paying $7.95 per month for the dial up service to keep your worldnet email IDs active. i suggest you migrate your worldnet accounts to the free AT&T email ID and just cancel the Dial Up service once successfully migrated.


you can go to website to do the open portal migration.


hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I spent two hours on the phone again last night waiting for someone on the AT&T side to pick up the call, and it never happened. If anyone has any suggestions, I certainly would appreciate hearing.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

your currently a worldnet customer and will be transferring to another non-AT&T internet service provider? why transfer to a different ISP? is AT&T Dial Up, DSL, U-Verse, etc. unable in your area?

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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I hope you've gotten the problem solved by now, but if I understand you correctly, you don't want to go to Covad. The only way you can make a seamless transition is to switch to Covad, then migrate your email address. If you want to switch to another ISP, then AT&T has to shut you off, you'll be without internet and very well may lose your email address, and then you can sign up with another ISP. Stinks, but I think that's the way it is. I switched to Covad and it's been fine. I upgraded to 3.0mbps and had some trouble getting that started, but finally got a good tech support guy and that's working now. Good luck!
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!! I have transferred my account weeks ago - NO WHERE did it say anything about manually transferring all my emails. - Everyhting i have read is that when you transferr your account, your emails will go at the time of transfer!!!!! I am going to do some searching and leave ATT - this is ridulusous! - I just so happened to stumble onto this thread and read that I had to transfer my email- ATT is a joke!!! I think I am going to look for a new isp and it will not be yahoo!! I have been with ATT for 15 years and in no way is this making me happy - I dont think ATT really cares tho!!
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

As I've been told, AT&T is going to quit hosting PWP webpages. Your only option with AT&T is to pay an extra $11-$12 per month (that's on top of your DSL/dialup monthly charge) for webhosting. For me, no PWP equals no service. There are other ISPs out there that offer PWPs as part of their basic package. I'll be going to Cincinnati Bell's Fuse Dial-up.
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Re: ATT Worldnet Services

Is it possible to have ATT set a 301 redirect on the page they took from me?
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