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ATT DSL is a complete joke


ATT DSL is a complete joke

I have never talked to 12 people in 3 hours on the phone for tech support before.. These people have no training {Please keep it courteous}  about anything that has to do with networking and this INCLUDES supervisors and TIER 2 TECHS... I can't even ask about LATENCY because all of them think its an application for viruses.


I live ACROSS the street from the ATT building that houses the servers/routers/everything that turns into fiber equipment and they REFUSE to give me 6Mb down. I even had a tech come to my house and completely agree with me that is was total {word filter evasion}. He ran tests to confirm the total {word filter evasion} was true and who would have thought that I have up to 8.5Mb running through my copper straight to my house...


{Please keep it courteous} and refusal of speed, I also have horrible pings to everywhere in the states. This high ping also comes with HUGE lag spikes that happen very often and makes it impossible for any online gamer to play.


I highly suggest staying far away from this company for internet service.

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Re: ATT DSL is a complete joke

[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. Im thrilled that your getting a portion of my monthly bill to sit there and not help in any way shape or form.


my account is getting shut off as soon as I can get a different ISP that has people in its workforce that actually went to school for networking.

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Re: ATT DSL is a complete joke

My service is a joke also.  I am frustrated beyond belief.  I am sick to death of having to waste 45 minutes to an hour every few weeks talking to a representative who has no idea how to deal with my issue.  I beg to be put through to someone more knowledgeable or, better yet, ask to be put through to line engineers.  They always refuse and make me reset the stinking router and modem.  


I had a representative today who tried to convince me that clearing my cookies and cached files would help the issue.  I explained that this is done at least weekly on my computer but that doesn't explain why every computer in the house has the same slow connections.  


The cable company offered to run cable to my house for $1,800.00 which is a lot of money.  However, their offer looks better every day.  


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Re: ATT DSL is a complete joke

i never got any help heres my thread they never helped me and cost me more money then ever i left comcast because at&t had better prices but i guess you get what you pay for complete crap i had to pay my past due comcast bill which was 150 plus the activation fee which costed me over 300 dollars and it was well worth the money now i can run my business smooth and do class work you can read my thread and see i was very patient and got no help my suggestions you cancel at&t now they are only good for wireless service and the funny thing that signal is strarting to suck to

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