ATT DSL in Verizon Territory


ATT DSL in Verizon Territory

I've seen great ads on the internet for att dsl in Bryan but can't get to anyone who can order it.  Anyone have a number where that might get accomplished?

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Re: ATT DSL in Verizon Territory

Maybe I'm misreading your post, but if you are in Verizon country and you are even considering anything that AT&T has to offer, you might want to rethink that.  Trust me, I came from Verizon country and wish they would take over this area also.  AT&T is horrible in every way!  If you don't believe me just try calling their customer service and pretend to be an existing customer.  You will be on hold for at least 30-40 minutes.  That never happened with Verizon.  I could understand if it happened from time to time, but it will be every time you call AT&T.  Don't walk, run from this company!

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