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ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

I signed up for this board just so i can post up my experience.  Before I start I would like to say that my job is computers. I work at a fortune 100 in tier 3 as a endpoint engineer. I am not a "everyday" user and my internet is required for my work as well as pleasure.  I moved here from iowa thinking that being a larger city the internet would be much better then my reliable 12 MBs down 1 MB up that is standard for MEDIACOM in iowa.....I WAS WRONG.


The problems started from the start. We signed up for service August 25th. Took 1 month later and many phone calls to AT&T from me before they actually sent out a tech. I kept tellign them we did not have DSL service, i had verified all the wires in the unit and that it had to be a cross connect issue on their end.  The response was "our tests show your DSL service is working."  Finally a tech comes out and DSL was working just as they said... Excluding the minor detail that the cross connect was sending DSL to some other address rather then our unit...  Ok issue number 1 resolved after a month.


Since September i have had a tech out at least 2x a month all with no results. The line has low SNR Margin. Many times below 6 DB.  A minimum of 6 Db is desired as anything below that can cause sync issues... and you guessed it. The line drops sync constantly. Some days exactly every 5 minutes even.  Add in the high Attenuation of 58 db (anything over 56 is not desired) and i find myself not able to use the DSL service often.   The techs all come out and give me  a run around. The last guy out i finally got to do a thorough testing, of course he found that the sync issues and line dropping would happen back at the wiring closet right where the line comes a line tech would need to look at it...that was 3 weeks ago and still having problems. Then yesterday a tech comes out to hook up DSL for another user in my building.. coincidentally at the time he is hooking up their DSL mine drops and has not come back up. Of course when i called them yesterday they couldnt have the tech check it as that would put him behind schedule so i have to wait until today (24 hours laters) for a tech to come out to fix whatever the other tech broke.


If i were to provide the same level of service at my work that i get from AT&T I would find myself without a job.  Suprising how they are able to sell this crappy service, have us pay the bill regularly, and not have to provide maintainance on their infrastructure and upgrade lines as needed. But instead able to seel unreliable service.



My company also has AT&T as one of their carriers (keep in mind this is a 7 billion a year company)

I had work switch me from our contract with AT&T to verizon and i will be advocating to the company that we switch everyone to verizon as a company that can not and will not stand behind their product is NOT someone we should be doing business with.

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Re: ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

To add to my do cument of the ongoing battle.   I work from home on thursdays. At&t was out thursday hooking up another user in the building and at the same time my internet dropped and didnt come back up.  Now I suspected that it was caused by the tech hooking up the other user. I call in to AT&T tech suppot and get told they cant just have the tech take a look because that would put him behind schedule and so i would need to have a Trouble Ticket put in for a tech to come out on site to fix the problem....Seriously? really? so your tech messes up my net and then i have to wait to have another tech come out to fix your crap? How about you reimburse me the $200 for lost time?  48 hours later a tech comes out and confirms...yes...The issue was just as i suspected. The previous tech had DISCONNECTED my DSL line and hooked up the other user in its place both at the wiring closet and out at the box....According to the new tech they had previously hooked me up at the wrong punch down in the closet due to miscounting and so mine wasnt supposed to be active at the location it was previously punched to....


So on top of already battling lost sync issues (and yes i DID have them try and drop the speeds to the 1.5 as that is their solution to everything) I then go without net totally for 48 hours because your tech screwed up?

Why is it that you can live in downtown chicago (north loop) and still only have 1 option for internet and not evne have that option be reliable?

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Re: ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

Seeing that many of us have the same issues of crappy DSL and not getting what we pay for. ... I am tired of having to call tech support and have nothing done. I am unable to work efficiently from home and have had nothing but problems from the start.   I am now on my 6 or 7th tech and have in my 2nd escalation for a line tech and still no resolution.


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Re: ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

Trust me. It's just not worth it. I went thru the same crap you did. I had slow DSL for 2 months. During those 2 months there was about 10 calls to customer service, 3 techs come out and check the line, countless hours on the phone and on hold, and every time they make you go thru the same useless troubleshooting procedures over and over again and nothing was ever fixed. It's not worth the headaches and extreme frustration. I was finally fed up and canceled service. I refused to pay the early termination fee due to the fact AT&T broke the contract agreement not me. They said 6Mbs and I was lucky to get 1Mbs on a good day. Horrible company! I switched to Comcast and been getting 18-25Mbs all day every day ever since with no issues.

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Re: ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

I wish i could switch - but unfortunately comcast is not available and will not be unless the building pays 10 grand for them to lay the lines.

Currently my net has been staying up....with 20k CRC errors showing... I agree it it not worth it. I probably could get better, and more reliable internet with a tin can and a string. Would at least have the same effect in that i couldnt work and at least i wouldnt have someone telling me that there isnt a problem.
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Re: ATT DSL - On Going battle for nothing.

wow I thought I was the only one that's having issues. I had at least 5 technicians coming to my house to check out the wiring and speed, 3 from last year and 2 this year. None of them could figure out what's wrong at all! I paid for 6mbps internet and I could never go past 1.2mbps. They finally concluded that I'm not avaiable for their upgrades. What the heck? 

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