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ATT DSL Can't connect to internet after migrating email


ATT DSL Can't connect to internet after migrating email

Hello, I'm in northern NJ and after migrating my email accounts, I can no longer connect via DSL from home. (I'm posting this from work, in case anyone is wondering.) At first my DSL modem indicated there was a DSL signal, but no connection to the Internet. I logged into the modem, a D-Link 2320B and checked my user login. The login was, so I made a guess and changed the login to Now the modem shows both the DSL signal and connection to the Internet, but I still can't connect to the internet using Internet Explorer. I also used 'ipconfig /renew' to renew the IP address, but that did not help. How can I find out how to log into Thanks, Rich. .
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Re: ATT DSL disconnected without notice.


I found out later than the migration itself disconnected my DSL connection.

My next door neighbor signed up for the Dial package the week of February 15th and was able to sign up for ATT DSL with a $22.95 per month package.

I tried to change my internet service via the website and was told I couldn't do it on line and had to call ATT Customer Care at 866-596-8455. I called that number and finally someone there said, "sorry, the cut off date to sign up for ATT DSL in your area was last monday, February 22, 2010.

I'm in NJ, I think this will apply to anyone in the northeast, particularly if ATT subcontracted your service through Covad. I was able to sign up with Covad for DSL service using my next door neighbor's PC. Take a look at


What's next, disconnecting my local telephone service???? It's also outsourced and probably low profit.

signed, one angry ex-customer, Rich.
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Re: ATT DSL disconnected without notice, part two.


It just keeps getting funnier.....

Remember how I said my next door neighbor was able to keep DSL with ATT, because she signed up before the (secret) cut off date?

She signed up for the Dial Internet package, with ATT DSL subcontracted to Covad.


After spending many hours on the phone with ATT help(less) support, someone told her she had to sign up with Verizon. IN FACT, THE ATT PERSON GAVE HER A NAME AND PHONE NUMBER OF SOMEONE TO CALL AT VERIZON!!!

If you are subcontracted through Covad, ATT does not want your business!!

Let me repeat, ATT is doing everything possible to get rid of you.

Wait, it gets better.....

She ordered her new service with Verizon five days ago, and still does not have an active DSL connection. Why? Because ATT first has to release the DSL line, and they can't get through!!! Beautiful, first they forcefully disconnected her service with no notice, now they are too busy to help an ex-customer get transitioned.

Pretend you are on hold and listening to this message: "We are experiencing heavy call volumes, please call back later."

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Re: ATT DSL disconnected without notice, part three


Sorry, let me correct myself, the att help person did not give out a verizon name and number, but instead transferred my neighbor to

take a look! Rich.
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