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AT&T; support, now.


AT&T; support, now.

Hello all,


I am assuming the response will be to contact Alex who seems to be wonderful assistance here, thus I will do so after posting this message.


It all started when I moved into an apartment which had access to Comcast cable or AT&T DSL. I checked the website, and decided to take the option that made the most sense. AT&T had no contracts while Comcast had a 12 month minimum (which was and is still important due to a relocatable job). I previously had Comcast at my household and decided to give AT&T a shot. I talked with the online chat technician during the AT&T signup process who was quite personable but apparently had no idea what he or she was doing.


I typed in my address with the apartment number, which showed access to only the 1.5mb download speeds for DSL. Oddly, if I entered my address WITHOUT the apartment number, it allowed for full 6.0 mb access. The ONLY reason I signed up with AT&T at that point was because he assured me that if I entered my apartment number in the NOTES section and abstained from typing it in the proper address column, that I would be able to have those speeds at my new residence.


I signed up for the service and waited for my welcome packet and service to begin. I received the items quite quickly and began the install process. (12/13/2011) Unfortunately, I could not seem to get any service. No DSL signal was being placed on the line. I called support, who tested it remotely and found that increasing the signal did nothing to fix the issue.


A week or so after, a tech was sent out who tested my line at home and essentially did the, "Yep, there's no DSL signal coming here." Who would have thought after I already discovered that myself. By this time, mail was going directly to my apartment complex but NOT my apartment due to the lack of apartment number in the proper address box at sign-up.


I called the complain about that and once again try to acquire service. The support technician I spoke to was again quite friendly but apparently did not know what he was doing. He realized that since the apartment number was not entered, that I was not getting service directed to my apartment. He created a new account with my current information and stated that I would not be charged for the other line or repair trip since it was a problem with an online tech. Additionally, he stated that I would get the pricing at the cheapest level (19.95) without a phone line and it would be upgraded once it is all set up to the speed I expected (6 mb).


Another week passes for the activation date. On my initial account, a tech did NOT come out for activation; only once I had an issue. Lo and behold (again), a tech calls me at work stating he will be there in five minutes. News to me; I was never informed. Moreover, I did not have an opportunity to contact my landlord nor take time off of work. I left work for the day to fix this issue. (Shouldn't AT&T owe me something after that?)


My landlord is of course unavailable, so we spend an hour or so trying to find a way into the electrical closets to hook this up. Luckily, a custodian helped us with it and DSL service was initiated successfully. (Mind you this is somewhere after New Years I believe at this point)


You would think this would be the end of the issues but of course not, it's AT&T. There's always a surprise. (Yay.)


I called support asking to upgrade the speed as promised by the online tech; they conveyed that it was not available in my building and that I was out of luck. Straight out. At that point, I was ready to cancel if it  made financial sense to do so.


I receive my first bill for the defunct phone number that was created without the apartment number. I called tech support who said to ignore it and it will go away on its own. Well, I've received a "final notice" previously and an actual letter today so apparently its still around. Funny enough, the defunct bill was priced for 25.95 rather than the cheapest variant originally signed up for.


Better yet, today I received a bill for 134.95 citing a "trouble isolation or repair fee" for service date of 12/13/2011. Moreover, I am still being charged 25.95 instead of the 20.95 originally quoted for the 1.5 meg download.


Even better, I still am unable to have my 6.0mb downloads as promised originally by the online tech support, in fact, it's been in the .5's recently for some reason. Right now, I believe my FAIR bill should be around 8.95 per month.


The most frustrating part of all this is I have been on the phone with tech support close to ten times in resolving these issues from address changes to billing issues and every single time I have had to take my entire HOUR lunch just to get someone on the phone because not only are the business hours ridiculous for working folk, the wait times are preposterous. I have driven to work while writing down confirmation numbers and talking to tech support because of this service.


I want:


I want my old number billing dropped and repair fee waived.

I want my bill to be correct; 8.95 per month. (Or 20.95 per month, if you're going to be a stickler about it.)

I want my 6.0mb downloads. (They say they aren't available here.)

And honestly, I want a new service that actually provides support and follows through on its promises.


I believe another poster said things are about to get real; and frankly, I'm right there with them. You have probably already lost a customer in me at any future residences but perhaps you can salvage some of my friends and family if this is handled appropriately.



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Re: AT&T; support, now.

Welcome dbess1216 and thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. I received your Private Message and replied since this is account specific. Please check your Private Message inbox (blue envelope, top-right) for an update.  We'll get you in touch with the group that can look into it.


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