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AT&T's "Customer Service" leaves MUCH to be desired


AT&T's "Customer Service" leaves MUCH to be desired

Why does it take (at this point) over 2 weeks for a company as big as AT&T to get a DSL line up?  They have promised to have a tech out on 3 occasions in the last week and have yet to actually send someone out.  In my profession, I have dealt with technical services and support groups for nearly 30 years and this is, BY FAR, the worst service/support I have experienced.  I find it ironic that the "A" in AT&T stands for "Amercian", yet on 12 of the last 15 calls I've been connected to a representative in India.  Here's an example of unacceptable customer service AT&T:  when you promise a tech out to inspect (and hopefully repair) a line 3 times and all 3 times are a no show, that would be classified as "customer disservice".  When you can't connect an English speaking customer to an English speaking representative, that is also "customer disservice".  You're not exactly providing phone/DSL service out of the goodness of your heart--you're charging a premium for it.  You need to start providing your customers with the service for which they pay.  When you commit something to a customer, show some integrity and honor the commitment; otherwise, do the decent thing and drop the "A" from AT&T.

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Re: AT&T's "Customer Service" leaves MUCH to be desired

You hit the nail on the head with that one !

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