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AT&T email issue with Outlook


AT&T email issue with Outlook

Hello all,


So I have not had any issues with outlook, or so i thought. I recently went into my AT&T email through the the web page, and noticed I had emails in there that were not IN my outlook email. This concerns me, because some of them were important emails. I dont have duplicate emails in Outlook and the ATT Web page, the emails only go to 1 or the other, and it appears to be random. 


Here are my settings:


inc: 995

out: 465



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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

Hi - I am having the same problem - emails are sent from - which I do not use - have changed everything to AOL -  don't think I cancel AT&T as I have u-verse and internet with them - have emailed them and no response!!!  Good luckSmiley Indifferent

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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

Using Microsoft Outlook with service.  Can receive, but unable to Reply or Send to anyone using Microsoft Outlook with service.  The e-mail goes to their web mail into their spam box.  Several of us are having this problem.  Any solution?

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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the issue and would be glad to assist you.
If you are unable to send mails using Microsoft Outlook, the issue could be with the settings. You can verify the settings from the web link given below
For further assistance, please feel free to contact e-Chat support from the web link provided below

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Re: AT&T email issue with ATT.Net email

Sorry - I posted under the wrong heading - I use aol for email - and yet when I go to certain sites - say for a 1st time - and want to contact - goes to email - have not used -

Thanks for any help

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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

I had been running fine under old settings for, but today when updating modem an AT&T program popped up and proceeded to walk me through some steps that were to improve performance.  They made it impossible for me to receive or send e-mail via outlook.  I then reset back to and the old SSL joy there either. Now, none of my settings work...the server will not recognize my user name address or password.  Tech support blames it on Outlook...unlikely.  I can communicate via webmail, period.

Am now trying and and SSL 995 and 465 respectively.

Dead in the water...

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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

Any luck with the settings on Outlook2011?  I'm running a mac

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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

I could not set up ATT email in Outlook 2010 so I looked in both the help and the help. Different settings!  I tried the  outgoing: 465 and incoming of 995. Test email failed.


I followed the procedure to the T on the ATT website: outgoing of:  outbound,att,net, 995 port and incoming of with the 465 and another failure. I called ATT support and was told after these failed that I could call ATT Connectech and pay for help.  I did not go that route.  


Anybody have any other solutions?  BTW, My free GMAIL account sinked without a problem. 



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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

BTW, my computer is running Windows 7.
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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

Good luck everyone.


I had been having same issue with Outlook and Outlook express, windows live mail.

I have 2 of my own domain and 4 different email addresses in my home office.

I tested with 4 different PCs with 6 different email address (include with 4 different domains.

still not solved yet.

one of account (not all of them) won't send mail all of the sudden then fixed by itself in few hours.

sometimes all of them stop. then fixed by itself one by one.


It has been any problem for weeks and months.

one day, sent email with no problem as usual, then try to send next but won't go all of sudden.

Thought server was down.

but I could send mail with my other account and yahoo web.

and my wife could send me test mail to me. (POP had never have problem)


I double check settings 10 times which I didn't touch before it stop sending.

it was no problem in few minutes ago then won't go all of sudden.

leave mail in outbox for few hours, watching TV, then back to PC, it was gone (sent).

everyone think server was down right ?

But my wife can send email from same house.

I can send with different email account (still same SMTP) from same outlook.

I didn't touch any setting before it stops.

Then it fixed by itself in few hours.


it happened three times in 6 month.

sometimes it happened middle of email conversation with my business partner.

I have to use iphone text or switch email account or use web mail to continue.

checked smtp settings 100 times and nothing was wrong with it.


I called and talked with ATT Tech support for hours.

They transfered me to paid tech support, I decided to pay.

but all he said was check my outlook setting which I did 100 times.

Finally he (paid support !)  say, "Maybe your outlook server is down".

Outlook server ?! they don't know what they are talking about! and they charge money for that answer.

Outlook is mailer, it has no server built in. SMTP server is yahoo server and it is not down.


it down all of the sudden and fixed by itself.

and at same time, my wife can send email with no problem.

(same SMTP, same domain, same router)

My business partoners wont' wait for few hours.


I was thinking to switch to Timewarner because of this.

but I'm using Uverse TV, Landline phone, Internet and ATT wireless, too much hassle to change them all.


Now I'm thinking to build my own mail server in my home office because uverse IP always static.

All I need is SMTP.

I can't depend on instability of ATT (yahoo)'s SMTP.

and Tech support has no clue even paid tech support.

user have to build his own SMTP server because nobody knows how to fix problem.









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Re: AT&T email issue with Outlook

to BK 51


if you can't send and receive both, it is not same as my and many other's  "Can receive but can't send".

(well, my POP is not yahoo server anyway)


You know you have to go yahoo mail web site to make sub account right ?

try (read) this link below

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