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AT&T doesn't follow thru with what they promise you and CS is the worse I have ever experienced


AT&T doesn't follow thru with what they promise you and CS is the worse I have ever experienced

A few months ago I switched from my local ISP which was thru AT&T but went right to AT&T because it was cheaper. First they promised me a connection date and on that date I received an automated call saying I was set up BUT I wasn't so I called and asked what was going on and was told that I was set up and my reply was no I wasn't! Well they got back to me saying that they hooked up at an address that doesn't exist (lie 1) and at this time after wasting my time they assured me that it would be hooked up by so n so date and for inconveniencing me they would send me a $100 visa card that I could spend on whatever I wanted to (lie2) and they assured me it would be set up by *** date and it wasn't (lie3) and this went on two more times and each time they repeated what they said about the $100 visa which to this date I have never received even after calling their help that are 100% clueless about everything. I asked to talk to a supervisor each time and was told to leave my number and they would have her call me back in 20 minutes (lie8) I kept calling and calling being put on indefinite hold NO ANSWER AT ALL (lie20) been told I was being sent to a supervisor and was hung up on 3-4 times (lie 21) was told to call a rebate number and was told several times that they made sure that everything was finally fixed and when transferred to rebate they didn't have a single clue on what I was talking about (lie 299) .. I was told when I had them get this set up that my monthly payment for the DSL would be $19.95 for the first year then it would go up to $29.95 NOW 3 different people told me this same amount and I always made it a point to ask them how much! Then I got paper work from them saying that after one year the price would be $43.00 per month well folks that's a far cry from $29.95 isn't it? I am soooo fed up with AT&T that I am ready to have them remove my phone and my DSL. Oh and get this, the first 2 months they billed me $19.95 and the third month they charged me $43.00 so here we go again call the uninformed help that can barely speak English and was told that gee wasn't I told that when I took the service? And I replied H no! I looked at the paper work they sent me and there was NOTHING about the $43.00 being charged!! A friend called AT&T and was told that they could reduce his phone bill from $55.00 per month to $25.00 per month well that still hasn't happened! So guess what? AT&T is being told as of 3-2-11 to stuff their service where the sun don't shine. So bottom line AT&T has the worse customer service I have ever seen in my 63 years on this earth and they are about to loose another customer and the sad part is they don't care period

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Re: AT&T doesn't follow thru with what they promise you and CS is the worse I have ever experien

I've experienced a similare ordeal and have had zero luck with any representatives or supervisors.

I finally appealed to the BBB and filed a complaint against AT&T.


I recommend you consider doing the same.

It may be one of the best options in having AT&T be held accountable to their promotional rates.


If they aren't going to honor it as they say they will, they shouldn't be making it available in the first place.


Just my two cents from another disgruntled customer.

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