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AT&T contempt for customers

AT&T contempt for customers

I am sick and tired of AT&T's contempt of customers and will celebrate one day when bankruptcy is declared. The automated response menus are designed to defeat customers who need to speak to a representive. After going through a loop from the man's voice to the ladie's voice back to the man's (each time entering my phone number and description of problem) it simply disconnects you. I was finally able to get a human by saying I wanted to sign up for new wireless service. That rep tried to connect me to tech support, but they never answered. AT&T DOES NOT CARE, ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY REGARDLESS OF QUALITY OF SERVICE OR CUSTOMER CARE. There is no way to leave feedback, go to website and try it !! I am only here because I know some slugs for AT&T moderate this forum, and will see this. AT&T you don't care, we know you don't care. You don't care about that either. We the people will be glad to see you fail and be replaced. Feel smug now, remember this when you are unemployed. 

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Re: AT&T contempt for customers

You can contact Alex if you need to complain.


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