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AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings


AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

As a long time Worldnet webmail and AT&T (SBC) Yahoo DSL user, I find AT&T Yahoo webmail vastly inferior to Worldnet webmail. Here is a partial list of the Yahoo webmail shortcomings:

1) Cannot access all subaccount email folders and features without signing out of primary account and signing in again under subaccount user name/password.

2) "Pardon our appearance during construction" appears in several Options (Filters, Accounts, POP and Forwarding) -- and has for 2 years! Are these features going to forever be "under construction?"

3) Options - More Options . . . - Accounts - verification of a non-ATT Yahoo account always produces an error message (this was working until recently). The "check mail" link here has never worked for non-ATT Yahoo accounts.

4) Using the "Check Mail" button on the main AT&T Yahoo webmail page for all accounts (or shift+m) does NOT really check all mail. This does NOT produce an error message, so you think you have no mail for other accounts, but that is not necessarily true.

5) Obnoxious advertisements! I'm using the Firefox add-on Adblock Plus to kill those, but that can present problems on other websites.

Maybe if enough of us complain, AT&T and/or Yahoo will implement the Worldnet webmail features we know and love!
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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

Hi Gadget,

I am with you on this one. I have posed the following shortcomings to ATT and Yahoo but have received no answer other that we will forward it to appropriate departments.,

If NAP users are being told they must use yahoo web mail mail I have a few feature requests that should be addressed. I already have a premium mail account so I know what the differences will be. Please address the following.:,

Are there any plans to add the ability to use filters to forward emails to one or more addresses? ATT has that feature and yahoo premium mail does not. It is very powerful and the only other popular mail service that has this is gmail,

Also ATT webmail has other email features I currently enjoy on but are not found in yahoo mail. They are: More effective spam control. Yahoo misses spam by doing filter before spam check and in general is not as effective at ATT which totally blocks some spam,

request return receipt - very useful when dealing with businesses Acknowledge return receipt request - very important

advanced search that includes,

Search From, To, Cc and Subject fields Search Subject field only Search From field only Search To field only Search Cc field only Search Message body,

View source as text -- useful for examining suspicious emails show/hide HTML code - allows editing of HTML code in an email. Helpful learning tool. ,

Access to all the sub-accounts from the master account without having to logout and login,

Will Yahoo mail be adding these features?
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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

I wholeheartedly agree. I counted 18 spyware/trackware instances on the Yahoo page. We are paying customers, what gives?
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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

Dear Members, Please, accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you've experienced. In order to provide, privacy to each AT&T email account holder (primary and sub account), there is no option to check the emails of sub accounts through the primary email account. Hence, to check the AT&T email sub accounts, one need to sign out from the primary email account and sign in with the AT&T email sub account, separately. However, through pop and forwarding, you can add your sub accounts in the primary AT&T email account and check the emails of sub accounts with the primary AT&T email account. You may use the steps mentioned below to use the Pop and forwarding option in AT&T Powered By Yahoo portal. Log into the All New Mail interface. NOTE: If the Customer is using Classic Mail, instruct them to click Options > Mail Options > POP Access and Forwarding and then proceed to step 6 below. From the Inbox window, click Options. Click More Options. Click POP & Forwarding from the left-hand menu. Click the Set up or edit POP & Forwarding link. On the POP & Forwarding window, click the Forwarding radial button. In the Email address field, enter the email address in which the customer wants to forward all email to. Click Save. On the Verify Account window, click Send Verification. Instruct the customer to access their email address in which they are forwarding to in order to get confirmation code. Once obtained, enter that code in the Confirmation Code field. Click Verify Account. When prompted, instruct the customer to enter their password and click Continue. Once the Your forwarding email address has been verified message appears, forwarding is now setup. I would also like to explain that the advertising is a needed step towards providing world class service at an affordable price. We apologize for any inconvenience. You have the ability to send feedback via the Feedback and Send Feedback links. The links are visible in two different locations: The Portal Header The Portal Footer (located at the bottom of the Portal page) The link will also be visible to the Member from their My Accounts and My Services pages. Gadget, regarding the verification of a non-AT&T Yahoo account issue and the issue that you are experiencing with the Check mail button which is not checking all the mails, it is recommended that you contact AT&T eChat support, so that further troubleshooting can be done to resolve this issue. If you are in, ;AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent.

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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

Interestingly, the "non-AT&T" mail I cannot check from AT&T Yahoo webmail is my email on the NAP portal. Although you can override the default port and enter 995, AT&T Yahoo mail does not have an option to use SSL (at least that I can find).

I doubt contacting chat support will do anything except elevate my blood pressure. The "Check Mail" link on the Add or Edit Accounts page has NEVER worked -- and I'm talking YEARS here. Ditto for Check all accounts (shift+m) on the main AT&T Yahoo webmail page.

The inability to verify other accounts has been reported on this forum -- see Verify Email (Can't Do). "BWZ" was told by level 2 tech support they are aware of the issue but don't know when it will be fixed.
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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

I've got two gripes, one minor, the other more important: 1- The messages in my inbox are more important than those in the spam folder. So why is there an "are you sure you want to delete these emails" step when deleting spam, but not from the inbox. If it's spam and I say delete it, I wish it would just do it without the extra step. (Yeah, I know spam deletions are probably permanent, while inbox deletions go to the trash folder, but still...). 2- more important, if I forward an email with several images in it (like JPGs), the mail system will inevitably not keep all of the images; one or more will be "lost" and just show up as an empty box with some code in it. That's a pretty big system shortcoming.
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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

I have been all through this forum looking for solutions to a problem I'm having with email sending on Outlook but I won't get into that for now. I just noticed something I didn't pay attention to before.

The techs who respond on this forum most be generic or at least the answers they try to feed the public. Has any one else noticed it's as though they're reading from a carefully prepared manual starting with,"Dear Members, Please, accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you've experienced." AMAZING!

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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

No!  Lindsey Lohan updates are important!!!  Getting your email without having to (RE)login each time?  How dare you get used to that!  Having the message "INTERNET EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING...." occur as many as 30 times in a single day?  Hey, it's only double digits!   Offering phone numbers to call for help that NEVER respond?  Hey, you didn't really expect an answer did you?


Look AT&T, when ya merged with Yahoo you blew it.  You're going to begin realizing this within your other product markets including your Cell Phones because your customers are so fed up they're seperating themselves completely. 


We older customers (above the age of 30) who simply want to read our email the good-old fashioned way have had enough and are moving on.  You provided a good service.  Once.  That was before you merged with Yahoo.


Good Bye.





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Re: AT&T Yahoo Webmail Shortcomings

Gadget, I agree with you.  Also, It seems tht AT&T raises the monthly rates of their faithful (but abused) customers and gives new inductees the price cuts.  What I mean about (but abused), is the constant advertising that is forced upon us while trying to use the internet and read our mail.


Upon signing in this morning, another ad (rather large) bombarded my eyes with flashing, etc. at the top of my email page.


This is disgusting!


AT&T should be paying us to view all the ads they throw at us!

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