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AT&T U-verse TV Solution Costs


AT&T U-verse TV Solution Costs

I have been a loyal customer for many years. I have come to be a good marketer of AT&T's products and services. I absolutely LOVE the technology and direction AT&T has taken with U-verse and the integration of all the components. I find that the technical and customer service is satisfactory as well.


What has spurred me to write this message are the associated costs to have and keep U-verse. I think the costs associated with the receiver/set-top box are ridiculous. I initially switched over from Cox cable for U-verse TV due to the costs and features. The costs for the receivers started at $5 per box, but quickly were raised to $7 after just a few months. Surely I have paid for the receivers already through the monthly fees and costs of U-verse.


Not that I want to, but am now contemplating removing U-verse TV to implement solutions which include Internet streaming media,, and Netflix to further reduce costs. This solution will be a pain in the rear due to it being a multiple-vendor solution and has integration and additional hardware implications, but will lower my costs tremendously. I think AT&T would be sensitive to this situation, not just because of me, but that many current customers are feeling the same about the costs and wanting to reduce as much as possible.


AT&T may be faced with a situation of losing many customers if they don't get proactive to address the cost issue. What's a current customer worth to AT&T? Current customers would stay if AT&T were to make the solution cost-effective. It's already state-of-the-art technology. We would continue to support and market the products and services to friends and family.


Come on AT&T - make us proud. Do something about the costs of U-verse TV (esp. the receivers) and stay a leader in the industry! It costs much less to keep a customer than to get new ones or bring back former customers, huh?!

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Re: AT&T U-verse TV Solution Costs


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