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AT&T POP3 Client Instability Strikes Again


AT&T POP3 Client Instability Strikes Again

I realize that there is no effective support for AT&T POP3 client problems here, or probably anywhere, but I find keeping a log here interesting.


I last reported that the AT&T email POP3 client function started working again without any intervention in the afternoon of June 23. It's had a pretty good run, 6 days without failing. It was working fine yesterday, June 28. Today, when I tried to download my mail, I got the classic 800CCC90 passwrod rejection error.


Last night I did unplug the router and DSL modem, which should have forced a new TCP/IP address for my PC today, but nothing else changed. I don't think that caused the failure anyway, as I iften unplug them to save the electriciy. Downloads from HotMail continue to work fine.


I did try logging onto and clicking onto As always, there has never been a problem getting into web mail. Another poster had reported being told by a level million tech rep that this would enable downloads. Somebody misunderstood, because it makes no difference.


I have no doubt that in a few hours to a couple days it will start working again without my doing anything, In the meantime, forwarding email to Hotmail for downloads has worked just fine. If it weren't for all the vendors I've registered with, I'd probably just give up because it is apparent that AT&T does not want to incur the costs of making the POP3 interface reliable. AT&T DSL is the only broadband connection I can get, not being a cable subscriber. Someday I'l move to a Verizon state.

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Re: AT&T POP3 Client Instability Strikes Again

Saturday, almost 6 p.m. downloads from still don't work.


Checked my settings and they're as prescribed. Wonder how long, wonder how long.

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