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AT&T = Misery


AT&T = Misery

I decided a week ago to try AT&T,,,and Direct TV...I have cried, kicked and screamed....the WORST without a doubt customer care I have ever encountered.. foolishly I thought I should leave a 30 year connection with Comcast. I am in a mess, lost my internet for day, can't get wireless correct, finally after NOT being able to speak to anyone I cancelled Direct, they at least answer the phone....All I get thru AT&T is the computer generated robot. Sent me wrong instructions to SELF that started the trouble,,cannot find a HUMAN to talk to about returning it. Don't know if they are charging me. Took a Comcast tech to come to the home to reconnect me to Comcast...Can anyone out there give me one reason to try this again???

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Re: AT&T = Misery

Yes, ATT does equal misery. I can't even count the hours I've spent talking to incompetent and selfish customer representatives. they dont care if their service doesn't work as long as their getting their $50 a month.
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