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AT&T False Advertising About DSL Speeds


AT&T False Advertising About DSL Speeds

I am a recent subscriber to AT&T. I bought the whole bundle package. What a mistake. They advertise on TV commercials that they have fast interrnet service and their web site publicizes it at 1 to 2 MBPS. What a laugh. I can never get better than 600 KBPS and that's tops. Usualy it's down around 300 KBPS. I'm having problems using my Blu-ray player. I called their technicians about this and they sent me another modem. What a joke. Same crap. And to think I'm paying $43/month for this shoddy service. Next they lock you in with a 2 year contract. I feel AT&T is misleading the public with their "fast internet" ads and I'm not pleased. Anyone else having this problems

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Re: AT&T False Advertising About DSL Speeds

Welcome to the new AT&T. LOL


I feel your pain, my phone and interenet has been out for a week.... and I feel really bad for the folks in billing once my phone line is actually fixed. DO what I plan to do, switch services(anyone has to be better than AT&T), call billing and demand they let you out of your contract. Don't let them tell you no, be firn without being beligerent, speak with a supervisor if need be. If they will not and you used a credit card dispute any and all charges by AT&T, save you log files and contact your states attorny. We all have consumer rights and right now ATT is trampling them.

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