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AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems


AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems

For the past several weeks we have been experiencing several repetitive problems with our AT&T Dial Internet. These problems occur with similar frequency on both of our home computers and on either of two locat AT&T Dial Internet Access Numbers.


When logging in, more than 1/2 of the time we get an invalid password error, even though we carefully retype and resubmit. However, switching to the alternate access number several times, without even retyping the password, usually corrects the error problem.


Our normal connection speeds range from a low of 40K to a high of 48K. However, Internet response is extremely slow, to the point of being totally unusable much of the time. And we are getting frequent modem disconnection. This has never been an issue in the past, and none of our equipment or connections have changed. Additionally, we have JUNO in one of our computers, and accessing the Internet via Juno now provides a much faster response than through AT&T Dial Internet, and with no modem disconnections.


We have two local toll-free AT&T Access numbers which we use: *personal information removed for safety*. All of these issues occur the same on both of these numbers.


We have attempted to report these issues via the HELP Tab on the AT&T Dial Connection Manager. However we get a pup-up message saying that neither of these numbers are valid AT&T Connections. Funny because I am using one of them right now to contact you!!!! 


We are now at a point of exploring other possible ISP options, but would prefer to stay with AT&T.



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Re: AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems

All I can say is wow. As a "FORCED" dial up user, all i can say is thats crap. If you can only get dial-up, it better be some pretty freaking good service. As most people DON'T KNOW, 56kbps is practically nothing to the slowest dsl speeds (approx 300kbps). Imagine a situation like this; a simple online 2-minute video over a dsl connection takes about 30 seconds to a minute at most. Looking at the exact same video on dial-up? you're looking at waiting at least an hour to at least watch a part of the video. It really isnt fair for dsl-restricted areas to be forced to use dial-up. I waste constant energy trying to load pages for hours when it takes high-speed users literally seconds to access things i would pay top dollar to use. I'm sorry for you're troubles. It's very disappointing to know that you're only source of a an internet connection (besides using a $50+ satellite connection that's as depressing as dial-up) is even causing a problem.

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Re: AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems

You don't say which OS you use, but I use Linux (openSUSE 11.3 and Ubuntu 10.10), and I am having similar problems.  Some access numbers flat-out fail with a 'authentication failed' type message, while other numbers work as expected.  See for a longer explanation of what I have discovered.  If I am able to resolve my issue, I will post the solution(s) there.

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Re: AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems

I am not sure the original poster is still around since the post is from 2010, but I felt the need to reply. I have been a "dial up" ATT users for decades now. First it was called  "worldnet". Now it is "ATT Dial". Whatever. Since they changed, it is a lot worse, obviously. I think in reality, they want to discourage the Dial Up option and get everyone switched to high speed.


I refuse to go to DSL or anything of that nature. I have heard many horror stories in our area. Most of the time, it is as slow as dial up (and more expensive), or half the time, no connection! At least with Dial Up, I can get a connection.


Just recently, in the last few weeks, I have been getting the Password Authentication error over and over, as well as not being able to load web pages. It has become *very bad* in the last week or so, almost unuseable. (June 19 today).


I already knew it was pointless to call AT&T service. For one thing, if you say you have "Dial up" they say "what is that?". Lol. There is just no point.


So I tried this, on a whim:  I went into the Modem Settings (from the AT&T Dial Connection screen where you type in your name and password - pull down menu up top) and I changed my  "port speed" to a slower speed - 57600. Granted, not great - but - the connection is much better now. My password gets authenticated on the first try, and web pages actually display.


I am not sure what has changed in the past month, or year, with the ATT Dial. Obviously, something has.

The phone lines in our area have been antiquated for decades, so I can't blame the phone lines, and we live  in a "big city", not a rural area. 

We were told by AT&T last year that we cannot even get DSL at our house, even if we wanted it (which I do not want it).


That being said, I do not really care to watch videos on the internet, so obviously AT&T Dial is fine for me - when it works.


So try changing your modem port speed to something lower (next lowest speed than what it is currently set to), and see if you get any better results. It seems to have worked for me (for today Smiley Happy


You may have to do it each time before you dial in, I am not sure if it saves that setting. Or there may be a way to permanently save it.


If it is any consolation, eventually we will all be using wireless internet (those prices will drop to something affordable some day - we hope!) and we will not have to rely on old phone and cable lines and modem technology and all this nonsense.


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Re: AT&T Dial Internet Connection Problems

Same problem here as the original poster.  As far as dial up goes, I am fortunate to have good phone lines.  The problem is ATT is throttling my connection speeds to slower speeds.  I have done my homework and checked my multiple equipment.  I can connect initially at 46k - 48k but after a few minutes ATT throttles my speed to 26k.   This is very repeatable and predictable on multiple equipment.   I would just like to know ATT's rules as to when ATT begins this throttling.   Of course we all know ATT will not give you an honest answer.   I am stuck on using dial up but I am not a captive customer of ATT for much longer.

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