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AT&T DSL Billing Structure is Discriminatory


AT&T DSL Billing Structure is Discriminatory

Your current DSL billing structure is discriminatory.  I am in an area where UVerse Internet is not available so my only choice is your DSL Internet.  With DSL you give the customer only 150GB per month usage while you give UVerse customers 250GB per month.  So AT&T is discriminating against me (by charging me more) because I happen to live a mile down the road from where UVerse is available.

Please do one of he following: Give DSL customers 250GB per month usage just like your UVerse customers get. -or- Revert all DSL customers who cannot get UVerse back to unlimited usage until UVerse is available to them. It is unfair and discriminatory to give certain customers 250GB while others get only 150GB through no fault of their own.

If this is not done I will very likely cancel my DSL service & home phone line and change my internet service to DirecPath service which offers a 10 Mbps internet service with unlimited usage.  They also offer digital VoIP telephone service.

I await your reply.

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Re: AT&T DSL Billing Structure is Discriminatory

This is a peer-to-peer forum, and I don't see ATT making those requested changes.


You should contact David here.  He is an AT&T Tier 2 employee who can check your availability for Uverse.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.


Look at the section for Prequel Failures, and request an Address Validation Case.


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