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AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC


AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

I signed up back in April online for new DSL service.  I was promised $24.99 for 12 months with no term commitment.  I was very careful to read the fine print.


To my chagrin I received my first bill and was charged around $65.  After a run around with customer service I was promised that the promotional pricing would go into effect in 2-3 billing cycles and I would see the credit.  So I patiently waited until late July before calling again since my bill was still incorrect.  (I was being billed at the $45 rate.)


After more run around and no resolution I filed a complaint with the FCC.  To which AT&T called me back and promised to have it resolved.   On my next bill I saw a credit,  but the new charges were $29.99 per month (before tax) which was NOT the promised price of $24.99.   I again filed a complaint with the FCC and got another song and dance call from AT&T promising to make it right.


Finally sick of this run around I cancelled the service in November after getting cable service with TWC.  Canceling DSL was another nightmare.  The rep informed me that I could not cancel without a termination fee.  I politely informed her that she was mistaken and provided documentation.  I was able to get to a manager who was VERY HELPFUL and affirmed from my account sign up confirmation I was not subject to an account termination fee.  I paid my final balance  (around $40) and washed my hands of it.  Or so I thought.


Well today I just received a bill for $150 for "Internet Service."  This was after my "Final Bill".  Amazing.  


Few observations:


  • Bill was never correct in almost 9 months of service
  • Spent significant amount of my time attempting to resolve, estimate 8-10 hours
  • Vast majority or AT&T customer service seem poorly trained and unprofessional
  • The only method that seemed to work was FCC complaints


EDIT: Been trying to get someone at AT&T for 2 hours.  Been disconnected 3 times, transferred and now I sit on hold.



EDIT: after being on hold about 1.5 hours and all of the above drama I was transferred to another representative who apparently was able to pull up the account and see what I was saying was correct.


EDIT:  Spoke too soon.  Got disconnected.


Needless to say I am filing another complaint with the FCC.


File a complaint with the FCC if you have reasonably attempted to solve the problem with no results:




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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

Thanks for the link to FCC!

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

I called them, and they were AMAZINGLY helpful!!! Thanks again for the link. 

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

I had a very similar experience to yours. I was initially overcharged for the first two months, in which I had called both times, and the second time around they told me the promotion had not been applied to my account yet. I STILL continued to get errors on my bills which didn't include all of the promotions I had signed up for. So after four months I called to cancel, I was directed to cancellation where I was told my termination fees would be waived. Yet two months later I receive a bill for $135 and so I call to confirm my fear that it is the dreaded termination fee which I was promised I wouldn't receive. The supervisor I reached this time told me there was no record kept on my account of the termination fee being waived, so she told me that she could waive the fee only to charge me for the credits I had received on previous bills. This made absolutely no sense to me, being that I signed up for a no-term contract which made no implications of any fees or "charge-backs" in the event of cancellation. I have all of the proper documentation to show it. So I told her that I was not made aware of this and this was not the deal I had signed up for. I also said I would file a complaint with the BBB upon which she simply said "okay" and let me go. So I filed the complaint as I said I would and heard back from escalations a week later. They just told me the charges were legit and that I should have kept proper documentation of the incident to prevent this charge from occuring, but isn't it their representatives job to keep proper documentation in their system??? According to them they have nothing on file and I'm basically just stuck paying it. I intend on posting about this, and filing complaints everywhere I can until this is properly resolved, it is their poor service and failure to do their job which has led to this. At the very least the fee should be waived as a compensation for my troubles and wasted time dealing with incompetent representatives.

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

So glad to know that I am not alone. Same thing with dsl . Was promised that I would get 12 mos. of dsl extreme 6 for 19.95. Had to call first three mos to get correct pricing, had the same excuses everytime, it takes a while for it to post to your account. Funny did not take long tfor the price to go up.

My latest bill it went back to 43.95, we should have another month a tleast. Called and was told that it is for 12 credits , not months. Have yet to find anything stating this. They just do not care about their long term customers. Is there another hi speed provider out there in the greensboro area.

    Maybe Clark Howard can help us.

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

I have now been transferred to the completely wrong department twice now, and have to spend another 20 minutes, equaling an hour, on hold starting ALL over again. All I wanted to do was check the status of my refund - but I haven't even been able to get anyone on the phone who could do so.


A  month ago, I received a phone call from a collection agency claiming that I owed them $140 on an AT&T DSL account I canceled in Spring 2011. I received no prior contact from this agency, but was told that if I didn't pay the money that day it would go on my credit report that day. It was incidentally the same day that I applied for an apartment, meaning I was forced to pay the amount (even though I knew it was bogus) in order to keep myself from being denied my apartment.


I then had to spend an hour on the phone with AT&T proving that I did not owe them $150, which I did successfully (apparently each time you transfer your service to a new dwelling, you get a new account number. They continued billing me and accepting payments on the old account number, so they were claiming that I never paid any money for my DSL after I moved). A month later, I've received/heard nothing about my refund - which is unacceptable considering I did not owe them the money in the first place. This refund should be a priority for them, or they should be paying me interest.


I've also watched my grandmother get ripped off due to their completely made-up "zones" or whatever - basically, when she calls someone in the same area code as she is, half the time it's long distance. In the same area code.


I've had a customer service rep in a store tell me over the phone that I could do my free upgrade on my cell phone in the store. When I went, he rang me up for several accessories I did not want without even asking if I wanted them, and attempted to charge me full price for the phone. When I explained that I had just called him and I was doing a free upgrade, he told me I could not do free upgrades in the store. I later found out this was a lie, as I know several people who have done it.


I will never. Ever. Ever. Use any service from AT&T again after all of this frustration. Decent bookkeeping and customer service is not that difficult to achieve.

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

On the third try, when I finally got through to someone...they put me on hold then hung up on me.

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

After four total hours, I got zero resolution to my problem. They claim that they cannot look up account numbers for accounts that were closed prior to 3-6 months ago. Number one: most people would not keep old bills from a DSL account that they paid off in full and closed more than 6 months ago. ATT were the ones who forced me to have to deal with issues on that account six months after it was closed, and it turned out to be a billing error on their part. Rather than make it simple for me to understand when/how I will get my refund back, considering it was a huge inconvenience to pay a false charge to begin with, they refuse to assist me. One person in Accounts Receivable told me that Billing could dig for it and find it, but I don't believe I was ever even able to reach the Billing department. If I did, they just told me they couldn't look it up. I must have been transferred at least 10 times, several times without even being warned first. She actually suggested I refute the charge with my bank - kind of tricky considering the collection agency ATT sicced on me has a recording of me voluntarily providing my payment information and agreeing to the payment. So I have to see if the collection agency has the account numbers or can help me in any other way. The FCC (or whoever the best choice is) will be the next step, as I do not plan on waiting longer for a refund whose status I can't even know.


Basically, ATT charged me money I didn't owe 7 months after I closed my account, and now refuses to help me even find out if they plan on giving it back. I would say this is a massive flaw in the ATT records keeping system. I gave my email address, phone number, name, SS#, addresses that both accounts were under, all manner of information that was associated with my account, and none of it registers anything in their system.

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Re: AT&T Bill DSL Frustrations - Link to FCC

UPDATE - I gave it one last shot to get this fixed.  I called in and spot with a VERY helpful & courteous operator {personal content removed for safety} who immediately corrected this issue and removed the charges.

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