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My company (Transporter Werks) has tried to reach out to our business representative multiple times. Today was the 4th message I have left him in less than 2 weeks (Ernest {Personal content removed for safety}). Six months ago we tried to cancel all the advertising through AT&T and were told we needed to finish our contract but the last date we would be billed was last month (August 2011). When receiving our bill this month and noticing the advertising was still being billed we reached out to their direct office (800.479.2977). We were told that there was nothing noted on our file about the full cancellation, only partial, even after we signed a contract and faxed it back. We were told by our rep, Ernest  everything was taking care of and not to worry about the advertising (which was a lie), I feel now that we don’t want to add a service he refuses to contact us back. Now we are continuing to be ignored by him and being passed around through the AT&T customer service representatives. After being on hold for an hour and still having no solution I’m at my wits end by posting on this forum. If we do not get this resolved in the next 2 days I will cancel my entire business account with A&T&T and move it to Time Warner Business Solutions, which I also left that on Mr. voice mail. Thank you.

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Re: AT&T Advertising Solutions

Hi fraserwerks,

Thank you for posting.  I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience.  I would like to help.  Since this is account specific, please shoot me a Private Message with your contact information.




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Re: AT&T Advertising Solutions

Please restore my confidence in At&T, I need contact with executive customer service in regards to advertisement errors on the book and online.  I have been dealing with customer service for 2 years and getting the run around.  Advertisement problems need to be resolved and no one is contacting me.  The head advertisement consultant only emails me occasionally with questions and incomplete info and then doesn't respond to my emails.  I need someone above the ranks that cares for my problem to resolve it.  It seems that no one person has all the answers and keeps switching me to others who don't know what is going on.  Please please some one call me and direct me to a higher authority that cares.


1. I was omitted out of phone book accidentally 2 years ago.

2. They tried to rectify by giving me free advertisement for the year in question and was never done correctly on the internet.

3. I was given free advertisement the next year in book (accomplished) but with omissions in categories and given free advertisement online advertisement for the prior year but it is listed incorrectly and with wrong name and numbers.

4. Advertisement is due currently for next year and consultant Ernest Tally has not returned my calls, probably because there is no new service or commission to him.

5.  I need numbers names and listing corrected and adjustments for this coming year and no one returns my calls.


I need someone with full onsite to my problems and solution to advertising, I have been using AT&T for over 10 years for my business and can't believe the disorientation currently with my account.

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Re: AT&T Advertising Solutions

sorry I didnt mean to post this as a reply to your problem mistake, I sympathise with you since I believe we have been using the same rep.  and I have been given the run around for 2 years.  and very few solutions.


Ms Locknpawn

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Re: AT&T Advertising Solutions

I cancelled all advertising with AT&T this past fall, and yet I still receive bills.  I tried calling customer service-- and got nowhere.  What need I do for relief?

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Re: AT&T Advertising Solutions

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

d3wb3rry wrote:

I cancelled all advertising with AT&T this past fall, and yet I still receive bills.  I tried calling customer service-- and got nowhere.  What need I do for relief?


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