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AT&T has SUCKED since I got it a month ago. I ordered service online and the order "got lost". Then they said my 1/2 address "wasn't a valid address with the city of San Diego" (yes it is) so they couldn't get service there. Once they discovered they were wrong and it WAS an address, the install guy couldn't get service to the address even though the previous tenants had AT&T.


Now that I've handled all of that hassle, they pleased me by waiving my installation fee and giving me an "inconvienence debit card". HURRAY!


Oh, WAIT! the manager that approved these things didn't actually approve them, so now I need to call darn near once per week to try to sort it out.


AT&T has been TERRIBLE. For such a large company,{word filter evasion}. Transfer, transfer, transfer and they hope we'll just give up. HORRIBLE, just HORRIBLE.

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Re: 800-288-2020

AT&T basically has two departments, Customer Service, who's job, it seems, is to make the customer want to leave, and the Retention Departmnet, who's job is to undo what the other departments have done.


The quickest way in is to call the 2020 number, confirm your phone number when it asks (if calling from your home), and then just keep saying "none of those" to the rest of the prompts and it will connect you to a real human (and American citizen) within a minute or two. Tell them to transfer you to the Retention Department.


You can also send a message to Alex and he will have someone contact you within a couple days to address your problem. You can see his reply by clicking on the little blue envelope, upper right corner of this page.



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Re: 800-288-2020

Welcome to ATT, where you pay $50 a month for internet that doesn't work and goes out every 5 minutes, where customer service treats you like **** and hangs up on you, and where the technicians are the most incompetent people ever.
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