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551 - not our user and 550 Blocked for Abuse...supervisor did not call back like he said he would


551 - not our user and 550 Blocked for Abuse...supervisor did not call back like he said he would

I've been a customer for 3 years and have been consitently unhappy. I have websites hosted by another ISP. I use my webhosts email servers for incoming POP3 mail and ATT for outgoing SMTP. This was a hassel to setup way back and took almost 5 hours on the phone because tier 1 technical support could not wrap their heads around what I was doing. Finally I was able to speak with a supervisor who got me straightened out and I was fine until 2/20/2010. Yesterday I stated getting a error 551 - Not Our User message on most sends...the problem is intermittent...I can only assume because I am hitting differeent servers each time I send. First thing I tried was changing the email address to ATT email and everything worked. Change back to personal 3rd party email and it does not. I call tech support...sit in queue for an hour. First tech named Sherry is an idiot...puts me on hold...then transfers me to paid tech support without saying a word. I get pissed off and they transfer me back where I sit in queue for another 30 minutes. Finally a tech answers and I ask to speak to a supervisor. A super named Shawn gets on the line, listens to my issue, tells me this is a known problem and they are aware of it and working on it...however the tier 1s must not have been told yet. He tells me he will call me back within 30 minutes to let me know what is going on. 24 hours later I still have no service and no call back. And now the message has changed to error 550- Blcoked for Abuse. So now it is Sunday morning. I call tech support...sit in queue for 20 mintues. someone answers, but the line is all static and they disconnect. Only call I have had a static problem on since I get the phone and it is calling ATT!!! So I call back and have now been sitting in queue for 20 mintues listening to some crappy jazz. I was SO much happier with Insight. I just tried ATT to save a couple of bucks. HUGE mistake. HUGE. At the moment I am furiously pissed.
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Re: 551 - not our user and 550 Blocked for Abuse...supervisor did not call back like he said he woul

Hi prbits!

The error message 551 Not Our User is a response that came from the AT&T Yahoo! remote email server. It only affected Bellsouth members that have migrated to Yahoo! and are using client email software to send out emails.

This issue has already been resolved as of February 22, 2010 12:38:00 PM CST. Make sure you're using the following email server settings:

Outgoing Server:
SSL: Yes
Port: 465
Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box is checked.


For further assistance, you may also contact our AT&T eChat Help Desk:


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