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2wire network gateway drops every couple of hours?


2wire network gateway drops every couple of hours?

Ok so i keep getting this error

The Broadband Link is Currently Not Available
Cant Contact Internet Service Provider

and the internet bar ont he modem or gateway turns red. I've searched up on the internet for many days and I think i have two questions. Is this problem caused by me not having homephone service? And by the way, there i think was a att worker that came to our house and asked us which wall jack we want to plug our modem into. But that time we didnt receive our modem yet from att. So he left. And then we got it a couple hours after he left. He said that he'll come back tomorrow but he didnt. I don't know if this is important but was he supposed to set it up for us? We didnt want a technician to come to our house because it cost like 200 dollars. So we setted it up. But we keep getting that error above. And our internet i dont think is going at full speed. 6mph but i think that's because my family is using the internet that uses alot of internet , it streams movies.  2 people using it shouldn't be slow as 300 kb should it? So this is my other problem. I surfed up the web and some people say that it's cause i dont have a dsl filter. So am i supposed to buy dsl filter. If i am then i guess i will but if that isnt the problem then you needa help me. I really don't care how fast just that the error is really annoying me and sometimes mozilla says the page cannot be opened for some reason. Weird. Is it just that 2wire is bad?

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Re: 2wire network gateway drops every couple of hours?

There was other posts that suggest me to use FCC? So am I supposed to? I mean they're saying that if your internet speed isnt at full then... idk FCC

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