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2wire 2701hg-b boost signal and no dropped connections


2wire 2701hg-b boost signal and no dropped connections

I think I have found a way to boost my 2wire 2701hg-b wi-fi signal and decrease dropped connections.  I just connected a loose cat 5 cable (4-6 ft in length) to one of my free ports, strung the cable along my desk, and bam, I am always connected with my Iphone 3g.  I think it acts as an antenna. I was always having difficulty connecting every morning and other times through out the day.  This simple soultion solved it.  I currently have 2 wire connected PC's.  Wifi conects to Wii, Xbox 360, and 2 Iphones.


I need to see if anyone else can try this to see if it really works.  I live in a single story home (about 1300 sq ft) and always get a full connection no matter where in the house.  Outside is just as good also.  I thought the weather might hinder connections but it has been overcast and rainy and connections are strong as ever.

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Re: 2wire 2701hg-b boost signal and no dropped connections

I gave this a shot;, I have 2 exiting 50 foot cables running from one room to down stairs and my bedroom. My wifi is usally ok at 2 bars in my bedroom and 1-2 bars downstairs, when I hooked them up there was no change in the signal strengh for me using a tablet.

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