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2wire 2701-hg-b is useless


2wire 2701-hg-b is useless

I have 2 of these routers and I keep loosing connection.


"Can't contact service provider"

"dsl sync failed"


I have called at&t many times and all I get is someone who reads a script.

I am very displeased with your service and comparing it to crap would be putting it nicely.


Give me someone who speaks english

Give me a firmware update


What the heII must I do to get a solid working connection.

I have had this problem for YEARS and I am a software developer in php and c++ so do not give me your useless tips

I have done everything from filters,data rate,channle,power, Nothing works and you still expect your money at the end of the month.

I would rather be on 28.8 K

Shame on you for the horrible tech support.

Shame shame shame! I am so mad At&t


My phone lines where connected by an AT&T professional so it is not my lines. Shame on you !

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Re: 2wire 2701-hg-b is useless

No one???? Anyone not reading from  script? Anyone with actual knowledge of TCP/UDP?



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