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2Wire without physical connection to PC?


2Wire without physical connection to PC?

For years, I have used the AT&T-provided 2Wire modem/router with my DSL service. It's worked fine for the most part - physically connected to my wife's PC, and providing WiFi to my various devices around the house. However, none of our PCs are located near a phone jack. As such, we ran a long phone cord from the wall jack across a room and under rugs to reach the modem/router on my wife's desk. As I was setting up her new iMac today, I had a thought, and here's my question: once a DSL modem/router has been physically plugged into a computer and configured, does it need to stay physically connected to a computer? In other words, can I take the modem/router and stick it someplace centrally-located in the house near a phone jack and plug it in all by itself? Thank you!
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Re: 2Wire without physical connection to PC?

In a perfect world you should be able to plug it into a phone outlet anywhere in your house. In reality it depends on if the IW wiring is all connected to the same feeder pair at the NID where the service is terminated on your home, all IWs (cabling to the outlets) are not spliced/pairs open in different locations, etc. I would just plug it into one and see if you get the dsl green led followed by service led green to know for sure..

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