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2Wire network extension


2Wire network extension

I have a 2Wire modem/router which works fine in my office but is not strong enough to allow the usage of wireless devices in other parts of my home.  After purchasing Airport Extreme and about four hours on the phone with various ATT repair/tech support people, the problem is still not solved.  Apple Support now tells me that ATT does not want us to be able to extend our networks and that my Airport Extreme will not work with the 2Wire.  She suggests getting ATT to disable the wireless portion of my modem and then using Airport Extreme and Airport base stations to have wireless capability wherever I want it.  Does anyone know how to get ATT to do that?  Do I have to order a new modem without a router as some have suggested in their postings in myCommunity?

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Re: 2Wire network extension

Hello h1w2boone,


Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.


The 2wire gateway is a modem and router in one. It is recommended that you use AT&T provided networking equipment when attempting to connect multiple computers for we can provide you support on its configuration.

There's no need for you to hook up a 3rd party router to connect wirelessly. But if you wish to connect Airport Extreme, please understand that 3rd party routers are not supported by AT&T. However, I have here a link that would help you to configure your 2wire gateway to work with a 3rd party router which is your Airport Extreme.

Configuration Instructions for your Airport can be found by contacting your router's manufacturer.


The link below gives you the steps on how to bridge the 2wire gatway.

Just make sure that you establish a direct connection from your 2wire modem to your computer via Ethernet cable and that your Airport Extreme is bypassed or is totally not connected.


There is no need for you to buy another modem since bridging the 2wire gateway would somehow disable its wireless capability thus setting Airport as the source for your wireless connection.


But I would suggest you to observe your 2wire gateway's wireless strength first by following the steps in the link below on how to improve its wireless network connection.


Should you need further help regarding your post, please feel free to reply on this thread.

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Re: 2Wire network extension

I have a similar problem. My download speed is 15 mbps in most of the house, but 0.6 mbps in a downstairs room where I'd like to work. I bought a wirless repeater from Amped and it worked for two months, but then wouldn't work any longer. The techs at Amped say this happens all the time with the AT&T Uverse 2Wire product and they don't have a work around. I called two other companies that make wireless repeaters and they say the same thing.


Question: Is there an AT&T approved wireless network extender that will help me get decent wireless access speeds in my downstairs office??

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Re: 2Wire network extension

This a year old thread. Better to start a new one. That said lets see if we can help out. I have the 2wire i381HG used with outside inid. I have never used the wireless provided by the gateway. For my wireless I have an Apple Airport Extreme which is dual band with/g/n ( best router I have ever had. For it before I got uverse. It has withstood many thunderstorms power glitches and 11 days of running on a generator supplied power. All of these killed my links us and netgear routers). I set the apple router in bridge mode and it works perfectly. At this point you can use any extender you want. Its just a wireless network which you have full control over. I use an apple airport express to extend my network to the backyard in the summer. You should be able to use any router that can be set to bridge mode. It just becomes a wireless acces point and a switch. No support by AT&T needed.
You might also try moving your router around then room away from phones, other electronics and wires in the wall. There is an antenna inside te router so moving it around may cut interference and increase signal strength. It does sound like you will need a repeater though.
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Re: 2Wire network extension

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