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2Wire Setup for Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client


2Wire Setup for Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client

At home, I have a 2Wire Gateway 2701HGB that I connect my Windows XP desktop to through a Netgear WNA3100 wireless USB adapter.  This works fine for hitting the interweb.  I have installed Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client so that I can remote desktop to my computer at work.  I fire up the VPN client and at the point that I try to actually connect through it, an XP message pops up and says I have little or no internet connectivity.  The VPN client responds with a similar message and my once-good internet connections is rendered useless until I reboot my desktop.  Looking at my connection properties before and after the VPN attempt, it looks like the VPN client changes the IP and default gateway of my desktop to all zeroes.


I clearly need to do something more than the default installation I've done for my 2Wire and Netgear stuff.  Can anybody point me to a good, DETAILED resource of what I need to do?  I'm a DBA by trade, not a network guy at all.  I know what an IP is and that's about it!  Thus the request for details.  Any help would be appreciated very much.

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Re: 2Wire Setup for Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client

No takers?


I found that I can restore a working internet connection by reapplying my profile settings through Netgear, thus saving a reboot.

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