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2Wire 1701HG


2Wire 1701HG

My 2Wire 1701HG modem keeps rebooting every 4 hours or so. Last time i checked the logs it was 2 hours ago. I have had this modem since 2006 if i remember correctly. The logs even show that its rebooting. Anyone else having issues with their 2Wire 1701HG? Maybe its time to ask for a new one? When i am connected the modem works fine, fast, reliable etc. Its just in the last 2 or 3 days its constantly rebooting itself. I dont mean dropping the line or disconnecting. The modem actually clicks over like its rebooting. Ive done forced reboots on this modem before so i know what they sound like. This is what the modem is doing every few hours now.

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Re: 2Wire 1701HG

The power supply is failing. I saw this problem a few days ago in reviews of it on the bestbuy site. 

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