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19.95 to 318 for Internet Only


19.95 to 318 for Internet Only

Like many others my issue is being told by adding Uverse internet to my AT&T home phone the cost would be 19.95 for one year and then go to around 45 per month.  No installation fee.  I called several times to confirm the amount, even left a note for the tech no not do the wiring if more than 19.95.  Received a email with the total for due the first month 36.00 which was a prorated amount.  When the first billed arrived 318.00 (yes 318.00 for internet only  I still get another bill for home phone service).  I called support and was transferred to multiple people, discounted a couple of times during the transfers to have to start the whole process over eventually being given the 100.00 credit other have mention and 49 dollar impact fee so the installation that was suppose to be free since it was a self install was refunded.  The I learned that the monthly fee is going to be 38 per month not 19.95 which I questioned and they opened up a case and sent up to upper management. They said someone would contact me shortly.  Two days later no call so I called them to be told that was what they told people but having a case meant they really wasn't going to do anything just something they told people.  However, since I had two case numbers it meant it had been moved up to the accounting area and they would be correcting it and someone would call to let me know.  That was over a week ago and no call which I guess that means they are not going to honor their bundle offer, nor what their sales reps say.  The thing in I started out to get Uverse phone, TV and interent and in April was chaning my cell phone service.  But right off it was taking over a month to get the service connected and at that time the total I would have had to pay for that month was 139 for all service- how in this world just internet got to be 318.00 is beyond me.  But it is clear from this forum these are not accidents it is how business is being done and it is a shame that customers of all theses years are being treated this way.  While the first month the company may make a few more dollars but in the end it will cost the company more as services are dropped.  A real shame.

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Re: 19.95 to 318 for Internet Only

Welcome and thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. I received your Private Message and replied with the information needed since this is account specific. Please check your Private Message inbox (blue envelope, top-right) for an update.


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Re: 19.95 to 318 for Internet Only

Hi Alex- I did receive your message and have responded.  I want to thank you for your quick response. I am hoping that this is a simple error and the problem is my two accounts were not bundled properly.  My experience with the tech was great, ordering service was great and the actual service was great and what my experience with AT&T has alway been. It is just sad that the whole turn of events makes it look negatively on the company but in the end that is how life goes at times and we learn our lessons the hard way.  People change, companies change and customers do.  Thanks for the assistance.

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Re: 19.95 to 318 for Internet Only

I had nearly the same experience as you. Was promised one thing and charged another.  Was told it would take 2 to 3 billing cycles to go through.  Then when it did, it wasn't what I was promised.  ATT has never made me a satisfied customer.  They have done nothing but frustrate and antagonize me.  They are the big bully on the block and have you because you agreed to a 12 month contract that they lied about in the first place.  I have cancelled my internet service in my rental unit and once I find suitable replacement service for my home, I will cancel my Uverse complete package and wireless service. Hopefully I can find another company that will "make me a satified customer today". Happy Holidays !!Smiley Sad

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Re: 19.95 to 318 for Internet Only

Just wanted to thank you for helping to resolve my issue.  My faith in AT&T has certainly been restored.  Irwin was very help and very nice when he called to follow up as you (Alex) requested.  I sincerely appreciate the follow up and resolution.

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