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$14.95 internet access promotional offer


$14.95 internet access promotional offer

I signed up for the ATT promotion to receive hi speed internet for $14.95 per month. You know, the promotion that has been airing on television.


Since signing up for the promo, I have received my fourth monthly bill that charges me $42.95 for internet services. 


I called customer service Dec 23 and spoke with a person. She let me know it takes a few months for the offer to take affect and said she adjusted my bill. The bill I received today was still $42.95 and my online bill is the same.


I went to att.com today and looked over the services and found a couple things: I was being charged for a home phone service that I had no clue I was being charged for, so I deleted it. I also found the following:


FastAccess DSL Ultra  $32.95

• $19.95/month for a full 12 months (new DSL customers only)

• Only $14.95 per month for a full 12 months (new DSL customers only)


OK, I signed up for fast internet for $14.95. And I am a brand new DSL customer. Can someone explain why my att internet bill is still $42.95? ($32.95 + $10 for the box)? And why I still haven't been reimbursed for the overages I have already paid?


I am out of patience, especially since the bill says I must alert ATT within 60 days of receiving a bill. Does that mean my older bills that are incorrect will not get corrected?

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Re: $14.95 internet access promotional offer


Please use this link to learn about our current Internet offer: $14.95 Internet Access Promotional Offer



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