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100% packet loss found in trace


100% packet loss found in trace

Hi there,


I am an Australian resident with an Australian ISP (TPG) and am having a problem with your AT&T servers.


After running a trace on the game server I am wanting to play I found that there is a 100% packet loss when trying to connect to your server. My ISP has said that your server is simply not responding. I know im not the only with this issue and am wanting to know why?


Thanks in advance

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Re: 100% packet loss found in trace

Reading other peoples problems with also trying to log into Blizzard Games it all stops here at AT&T not responding to our host ISP's???

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Re: 100% packet loss found in trace

I'm also having this problem. Can you please have someone check it out as soon as possible. It's been like this for days.

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Re: 100% packet loss found in trace

We are having 95% packet loss at AT&T. 


Within our home network, we have zero % packet loss, then it hops to and has 69.7% packet loss.  It times out and tries another IP; the next IP has 87.7% loss.  That times out and tries yet another IP, which has 95.4% packet loss.  


This looks to be the root cause of the problems we've been having with U-Verse for months.  The effect is quite visible when we watch Netflix; it stops often during viewing as it appears to be caching the movie.  This sometimes happens several times during a movie.  VERY frustrating!


Did AT&T ever help with your issue? 

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Re: 100% packet loss found in trace

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