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10% - 33% download speed of purchased plan


10% - 33% download speed of purchased plan



A few years back my family purchased the DSL package from bellsouth. Att purchased or merged with Bellsouth since then. We are paying for 3mbps but I have never seen a download speed go above 1mbps. The average typical speed is 270k/300k.


This is a problem that has always occurred for us. We never had anything near the 3 mbps. We have replaced the router and attempted every possible way to open ports and everything.


Is it possible the Bellsouth modem box we have to use to have DSL is the problem? We still have this old technology box and never was offered anything new from ATT after the company change.


Is it possible to hire someone to come out from ATT and fix this? The upgraded router we bought was pretty much the most expensive one they sell at Bestbuy. Average download speed of 10% of my subscription rate is not going to cut anymore.

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Re: 10% - 33% download speed of purchased plan

Have you called ATT Tech support about the issue?
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