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0x800ccc0F in my Outlook 2002


0x800ccc0F in my Outlook 2002

I also get the same error 0x800ccc0F in my Outlook 2002. I have checked all the settings. I know I have the correct settings. I wish someone knows how to resolve this.
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Re: 0x800ccc0F in my Outlook 2002

From what I know, the letter F that you see at the end of the error message stands for Firewall.  Try to turn off the Firewall on your computer and see if you can send emails.


Also make sure that you are using Service Pack 3 on your Outlook 2002.  Some versions of this email client cannot accomodate the recent changes AT&T made to make sending and receiving more secure unless you upgrade to Service Pack 3.

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Re: 0x800ccc0F in my Outlook 2002

Hi Diamond,

There are actually several reasons behind this 0x800ccc0F error in Outlook 2002. Aside from incorrect e-mail settings, it could be due to a corrupted e-mail profile, conflicting settings of your anti-virus or firewall software, or the software itself is damaged.

I agree with   that you need to update the Service Pack version in your Outlook 2002. Here are the steps on how you can check the Service Pack (SP):

1. Inside your Outlook 2002 client, click Help and select About.
2. The “About Microsoft Outlook” window opens. The first line shows the version of the program you're using (for example, Microsoft® Outlook® 2002 (10.6515.6830) SP2).
3. It's that last part -- "SP2" in the example -- that tells you what version of the service pack (SP) you've got. If it shows anything other than SP3, you will need to download the latest Microsoft Office Service Pack by clicking here.


You may also try the following steps in order to resolve this issue:

1. Start Outlook in safe mode - Starting Outlook in safe mode starts Outlook without add-ins, the preview pane, or toolbar customizations and could indicate a damaged profile or conflicting third-party application or add-in.

To start Outlook in safe mode:

Windows Vista
1. Click Start.
2. Type outlook.exe /safe in the Start Search box.
3. Press Enter.

Windows XP, or Windows 2000
1. Click Start.
2. Click Run.
3. Type outlook.exe /safe.
4. Click OK.

2. Delete suspicious messages from your mailbox.


3. Delete and re-create your e-mail profile.


4. Check the settings in your anti-virus software. - You may need to change the settings of e-mail scanning feature in your anti-virus software.

Antivirus software that is known to have caused this problem includes products by the following vendors:
* Symantec (Norton)
* McAfee
* Trend Micro (PC-cillin)
* Panda


5. Examine the configuration of your firewall software 

Firewall software that is known to have caused this problem includes products by the following vendors:
* McAfee
* Symantec
* ZoneLabs
* Cisco
* Sygate
* Sonicwall
* Freedom Security Zero Knowledge

You may just contact our AT&T eChat help desk for further assistance in doing those steps above. If you are located in AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, & TN, here is the link for AT&T eChat:

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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