What is happening with 3G?
How to prepare for the 3G shutdown.

Why is AT&T shutting down the 3G network?

AT&T will be shutting down its 3G network as part of an ongoing plan to improve its wireless network and continue to invest in 5G.

When will the 3G network be shut down?

The 3G shutdown should be completed by February of 2022, but some efforts are already underway. We need your help to meet this goal, and to ensure we can bring you our faster speeds and new features as soon as possible.

How can you prepare for the 3G shutdown?

If your device doesn't support 4G wireless service and/or is not VoLTE capable, it will no longer work on the AT&T network after the 3G sunset.

To avoid this problem, and stay connected, refer to the information on this page and take a look at this support article for additional help, getting ready by February of 2022.

When will your replacement device be activated?

Did you receive a text message, from us, informing you that your replacement device will be automatically activated in 14-days?

      •  If so, you’re set to have your replacement device activated – there's nothing that you need to do! If you choose, you can also request to delay that activation, once, by 7 calendar days.
      •  If not, that’s ok! Your auto-activation will be scheduled, and you will be notified, soon.

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New to the AT&T Community?
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