Why is AT&T shutting down the 3G network?

AT&T will be shutting down its 3G network as part of an ongoing plan to improve its wireless network and continue to invest in 5G.

What to know about 3G going away

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Just wondering

I’m an AT&T customer and I was just wondering that if AT&T as a whole has been around since 1875, shouldn’t that grant you access to Verizon’s towers? Because essentially you were first in line, because of this, how can Verizon say that they’re the best carrier in the Nation?   I’m sur





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AT&T won't unlock my phone even though I brought it to AT&T

I purchased a used iPhone 13 from Gazelle in 2023, which I then brought to AT&T. I never had any installments on the device through AT&T since I paid for the phone fully myself. But when I try to unlock the phone, AT&T says that there are remaining installment payments. How is this possi





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