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What do these lights mean on the NVG589 Wi-Fi gateway?

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Accepted Solution

Google Nest Wifi Pro stopped working with the AT&T BGW Modem/Router

Passthrough is set up on the BGW DNS entries are blank so can't add the recommended everywhere I have this problem every couple of months. The Google nest pros stop working with a pulsating yellow light. I used to reset the entire network, reinstall and it would start working again. But toda





Accepted Solution

Official Solution

1Gig Switch connected to BGW320 will only run in 100M mode

I got setup with fiber today with a wired Netgear 1Gig Switch connected to the BGW320 but based on it's status lights and speed tests, it will only run in 100M mode, meaning I'm only getting around 90Mbps speeds.I went into gateway's home network | configure screen and set port 2 from auto to 1G ful





Accepted Solution

Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently

Ever since I had my fiber line replaced earlier this week, my internet has been very unstable and would disconnect every 10-20 minutes. Everything would be fine and suddenly my modem would be flashing red slowly and reconnecting after a few minutes. Earlier this week the fiber box outside on the wal





Accepted Solution

Swapping BGW 210 to BGW320 - can I just run a fiber patch cable from the PON to the 320?

I just had fiber installed and the service is spotty. I called AT&T and they decided to ship me a new gateway.  Even though I told them I didn't have fiber or ONT running to my wire closet, they shipped me a 320 anyway.  When they installed fiber, AT&T installed a PON in my garage





Accepted Solution

dhcp server not working?

did all of the following: On a device connected to the Gateway, type in a web browser's search bar and press enter. Sign in with the administrator credentials on the Gateway's label. Go to Home Network > Subnets & DHCP. Under "DHCP Server" there is a "DHCP Server Enable" se






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