Community How-To

  • Getting Started

    • All Forum Categories

      You'll find access to the major sections of the Community by clicking Forums – found at the top of the site.


      This will take you to All Categories, where you can choose the Forum that you'd like to visit.

      All Categories

      You can also click AT&T Community Forums, which will take you back to the home page. From there, you can access specific forums, the Latest conversations and additional information if you're Looking for more.

    • Subscribing

      Subscribe to a topic

      To get email updates when something new is posted to a topic, as a registered user, you can Follow that topic.

      At the top of the topic that you'd like to receive notifications for, simply click the Follow button.

      Follow Topic

      Subscribe to a post

      To get email updates when something new is added to a post, as a registered user, you can Follow that post.

      At the bottom of the original question, you will see a series of options: Like, Comment, Follow and Share. Choose Follow from that menu list.

      Follow Post

      You will now receive a notification to your primary email address whenever there is an update to this question. It's just that simple!

      Manage your Notification Preferences

      You can manage whether you receive Notification emails for a number of AT&T Community Forum activities, including topics and posts that you are following. To manage these preferences:

      1. Be sure you are signed in to the Community.

      2. Click on your user avatar (top-right corner) and select Profile Settings.

        Profile Settings

      3. From your Profile Settings page, choose Email & Notifications.

      4. Then, simply turn Off the options for which you would prefer to not receive email notifications by clicking the slide-bar (all notifications are On as a default)

        Notification Preferences

    • Filtering

      When you open each Forum Category (Wireless, TV, Internet, Home Phone, Community Clubhouse, etc.), and select a specific Category and Topic, from there you have the ability to view the Questions posted, the Blogs posted or All (Questions + Blogs). The default will be All.


      You will always see the most recent activity listed first.

    • Blogs

      Our Blogs are the best way to keep up with the latest news in the Community! Blogs are the place to find:

      • The Friday Fix!
      • Tips on how to get started!
      • What's new in the Community!
      • Who's the ACE of the month, or a Blue Ribbon contributor!
      • News from AT&T!

      Blogs are listed, alongside Questions, in the default All setting. You can also choose to exclude Questions by clicking Blog.


    • Community Search

      You have the opportunity to Search the AT&T Community Forum, from the Search box at the top of your screen.


      Just type the keywords or member name you're looking for in the search box.

      You may see a drop-down with suggested results, based on popular searches and the words you've typed in. If one of these is what you are looking for, just select that item to display it. Clicking outside the blue box will make the box disappear.

      Search suggestions

      If none of the suggestions fit, select the magnifying glass icon again to view a list of search results.

      Your results screen shows how many results we found.

      On the right, the Sort by menu lets you choose a way to sort your results - by Relevance, Most Recent, Activity, Comments, Likes, Followers, Most Popular – to offer you more control on the quality of your results.

      Search sort

      Note: You can also search within a Forums topic to receive results specific to that topic.

      Search a topic

    • Signing up / Signing In

      Signing up lets you fully participate in the Community - post, reply, and share your questions and advice. We hope you'll join the conversation.

      How to Sign up

      1. First click Sign in, at the upper right corner of the page.

        Sign in

        … or if you're accessing the Forum from your phone or tablet, click on the menu button in the upper left:

        Mobile menu

      2. Click Sign in / Sign up.

        Mobile menu Sign up

      3. Then click Sign up.

        Sign up button

      4. Fill in the form.

        Sign up form

        Note: the Community ID you choose cannot contain spaces or "ATT." Your password should be at least 8 characters long, have letters and numbers, and include a special character.

      5. Don't forget to check I'm not a robot, to complete the CAPTCHA process. If you are an employee or Non-Payroll Worker (Contractor), please check the I'm an AT&T employee box.

      6. Select the Sign up button and we'll send you a confirmation email.

        Note: by clicking Sign up, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines.

      In order to post new questions, respond to existing questions and get the most out of the AT&T Community Forums, you will need to Sign in.

      How to Sign in

      1. When visiting the AT&T Community Forums, you can sign in at any time by clicking Sign in, at the upper right corner of the page:

        Sign in

        … or if you're accessing the Forum from your phone or tablet, click on the menu button in the upper left:

        Mobile menu

      2. Click Sign in / Sign up.

        Mobile menu Sign in

      3. Then enter your Username or Email, your Password and click the Sign in button.

        Sign in form

        You can also choose to Keep me logged in, to reduce the times you might be asked to sign in, in the future.

    • Forgot Password

      There are times when we all forget our password and need to reset it. In addition, if you are a returning user (who has not visited the AT&T Community Forums since December 19th, 2020) you may be asked to reset your password for security reasons. The good news is it should only take a couple of minutes!

      How to Reset a Forgotten Password

      1. First click Sign in at the upper right corner of the page:

        Sign in

        … or if you're accessing the Forum from your phone or tablet, click on the menu button in the upper left:

        Mobile menu

      2. Then, click Sign in / Sign up.

        Mobile menu Forgot password

      3. Then, click Forgot password?

        Forgot password

      4. Enter your email address and click Send Email. (Please make sure to enter the email address you originally used to set up your Community profile.)

        Send Email

      5. Next, please look for the email from us in your email box, and click on the Reset Password button. It should look like this:

        Reset Password button

      6. Enter your new password. It should be at least 8 characters long, have letters and numbers, and include a special character. Click Submit.

        Reset Password submit

    • Avatars

      An avatar is your "face" in the AT&T Community Forums. When you sign up, you will be assigned an avatar. But don't worry, not only can you change your avatar, we'd love for you to do so.

      It's easy for you to choose an avatar that matches your personality and interests!

      1. When logged into the Community Forums, click your current avatar - found at the top right of the page - and select View Profile.

        User menu View Profile

      2. On your Profile page, click the Edit button.

        Profile Edit button

      3. Now, click Update Profile Picture to upload an image.

        Update Profile Picture

        You can upload most any kind of image - *.jpe, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.bmp, *.ico, *.svg, *.tif, *.tiff, *.ai, *.drw, *.pct, *.psp, *.xcf, *.psd, *.raw

        Choose an image file

      4. When you're done, click Save and that's all there is to it!

        New profile avatar

    • Profile

      Profiles show information about Community members to other members and visitors.

      Viewing another member's profile

      You can see a snapshot of a user's profile by hovering over their avatar, from a Forums Question or Post.

      Profile card

      If you click View Profile, you will be taken to their Profile page.

      Members and visitors can see the following information without signing up or signing in when they go to the member's profile screen:

      • Community ID
      • Number of Posts
      • Number of Likes Received
      • Number of Responses
      • Number of Conversations Followed
      • Total Accepted Solutions
      • Community rank
      • Latest Contributions
      • Any badges earned by the member
      • Signup date (Joined)
      • Lists of posts, solutions, activity, and images

      Profile page

      When you are signed in and you view a member's profile, you'll also have the option Follow that member.

      Managing your profile

      To manage your own profile, sign in, and then, from your Community ID - in the top right of the screen, either choose Profile Settings or View Profile > Edit.

      Profile settings

      On the Profile Information page, you can modify your Avatar, Email Address, and your Signature, and you can create an introduction that will appear on your Bio.

      Edit profile

      If you need to update your password, you can do so on your Account Information page:

      Account Information

      Finally, as discussed under Subscribing, you can adjust your notification options on the Email & Notifications page:

      Notification Preferences

    • Joining the conversation

      The best way to take part in the AT&T Community us by starting or joining a Conversation.

      A Conversation is a Thread of posts that belong together, created when one or more members of the community responds to a particular Question.

      When you post a new Question, you've started a Thread! If you reply to an existing message, your reply becomes a Response to the original message Thread.

      The ways you can ask a Question and reply to an existing Question are very similar.

      How to Ask a Question

      1. To ask a question, click the Ask a question button, found throughout the AT&T Community Forums.

        Ask a question

        A new screen will open.

      2. Begin typing your question or comment in the Title box. In the Description box, provide a detailed description of your question or problem. You can also take advantage of the formatting tabs and buttons available to you.

        Below these two text boxes, you can choose where you want your post to appear (Category/Topic) and add tags. When you're done, just select the Post button.

        Ask a question

        Note: If you're new to the community, you will need to Sign up to create an account and post your question. If you're an existing member, you will need to Sign in to continue.

      Creating a Conversation

      If you are signed in on the AT&T Community Forums, you can create a Conversation by posting a reply to Questions that interest you. You can also continue that conversation by posting replies to the Responses that a Question has received.

      How to Reply to a Question

      1. Make sure that you have signed into the AT&T Community Forums.

      2. When you see a Question that you'd like to answer or reply to, simply click inside the text box that states Comment on the post here.

        Comment on this post

      3. The text box will expand to provide you more space to post your comments. You can also take advantage of the formatting tabs and buttons available to you.

        Type your reply

      4. When you are done, click Post and your reply will appear under that Question's Responses.


        If someone else chooses to do so, they can continue the conversation with the Reply to this comment here… option, at the bottom of your response.

      How to Post Images

      When you are Asking a Question or posting a Reply, as part of an AT&T Community Forum Conversation, you can upload images by clicking the Image button.

      Image button

      This will bring up a screen where you can browse your computer, drag and drop image files or enter URLs to published images.