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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 8:53 PM

I need to speak to a real person regarding my AT TV Now account. I have spent hours on the phone with the wrong groups.

I am one of the first ATT TVNow customers, an original beta tester for the service, who signed under the first promotional package and was guaranteed the GO Big package for $35 for life as long as I did not interrupt my service.... and I have not.  I should continually be getting the service for $35/mo.


However, since that time my price has slowly crept up to over $60, and I have repeatedly contacted you, with promises of a supervisor calling back.  That has not happened.  Now I've lost my HBO entirely from my lineup (which was initially free, taken away, and I was then charged $5 a month for it to get it back).  


You are about to lose me as a customer ... which is very disheartening, for in addition to being a ling-time customer, I am also a retiree.  I feel a loyalty to AT&T, but the customer service has been very poor.  Now I speak to someone on the phone at Direct TV who can not help me, and says I have to contact you through the internet.  This is all not good.  I tried to link to a chat person on the site, and that is not working.  I do have alternatives for service.  And it will be sad if you let me go.  As people drift off, the company gets weaker.  Sales brings in customers..... service keeps them.


My account number is(Edited as per community guidelines) and my reach information is on my account. 


E.K. Patrick






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2 months ago

I was also a customer since the beginning on the $35 GoBig. About the time it went over $60, I switched to Youtube TV. It's night and day. Everything actually works. Plus I get 6 profiles with custom channel lists and recording library for each, DVR lasts 9 months instead of 90 days and is unlimited, I get more locals including PBS, and it runs on all my streaming boxes including Android TV. There's a very good reason AT&T TV NOW has lost half its customers and continues losing tens of thousands more every quarter.


AT&T will never call you back. If by chance AT&T responds here, it might ultimately result in a temporary discount. But they'll charge $15 to get HBO back. I played that game for a few months. But in this case the grass really is greener.


If you want to give chat another try, turn off your ad blocker and open a page in incognito mode.


Good luck


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2 months ago

You really shouldn't post any personal info (name or account number) in a public forum.


We (the people in the forum) are not about to lose anything - we're customers (or in @lydian 's case, former customer).  And I too was an early signup.  They never said that the price would never go up - if you read the fine print, they effectively said your ($25/month) discount would never go away (and it hasn't - it's just that the base price the discount is applied against has gone up).


The "free" HBO wasn't from the start, but was a bonus they gave early adopters in March 2017.  It was stated at the time that it was for one year - that ended roughly 2 1/2 years ago.


No one will talk to you on the phone about AT&T TV Now, because it is the same as DirecTV Now was - Support was (and is) only by online chat.  The chat does work - I used it yesterday.  As @lydian says, try opening the page in incognito mode (in Chrome) or private mode (in Firefox).

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