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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 11:50 AM


I was charged for ATT TV Now and I never agreed to a paid subcommittee service.  I was told the service was “included” in my new AT&T phone service plan. Noticed months later I was being charged.  They have no phone number and only have a chat function for service.  After being told TWICE, they were processing my refund I reached out again today (as I still haven’t received it) and was told I supposedly “logged in once” and therefore they won’t be processing my refund as stated. I asked for a supervisor - they said “there is none”.  I asked for a phone number to reach the administrative offices - they said there is none.  I asked for a physical address to mail a formal  letter, they said (you guessed it) they have none.  Not to mentioned they supposedly charge $65 a month (when even Netflix and Hulu are a fraction of that!). What a scam.


I’ve been with ATT mobile for many many years and have to say this customer service has been the worst I’ve ever experienced.


I have a family plan (off contract) and may switch because of how horrible this experience was.  😡





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a month ago

Att tv is certainly not included with any phone plans. It a pay service like directv it’s a 2 year commitment  prepaid service that doesn’t do refunds not sure who told you it was free 

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a month ago

Constructive, your answer is not relevant.  The OP is talking about AT&T TV Now, not AT&T TV.  You're talking about AT&T TV; apples and pears.  This is an AT&T TV Now topic discussion, not an AT&T TV topic discussion.

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