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Sat, Jun 20, 2020 7:30 AM

AT&T App commercial break in progress

Why in the heck do commercials not just play while watching television. Seriously eating a screen that says commercial break in progress with annoying music (Edited per community guidelines) royally or the same dumb commercial plays every single time ... bar rescue ... I have it embedded and burned in my Brain. I’m ready for a new provider. 



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2 months ago

The standard setup for commercials is that some "slots" are reserved for (and used by) the content provider (network) to sell and show ads - that's how they make most of their money, while some slots are reserved for the carrier (local station for broadcast networks, the cable, satellite, or streaming service for "cable channels" - I'm not sure what the handling is when a broadcast station is then carried by cable, etc.) which is how they make money.  The various carriers are not always able to sell ads for all of their designated slots - so no commercial to play.  (There often actually is a commercial in the slot - the one the local station is playing, or on "cable" channels, one the network included for carriers that don't want to deal with "dead air" and for which I believe the cost to the advertiser is much lower than usual, since they mostly aren't played.)  Since the carrier isn't getting paid for those slots (it wouldn't be their commercial), most won't play them, but since they don't have one of their own in that case, they need something else to play.  In many cases, either a "house ad" (one advertising the carrier itself and its products) or a PSA is inserted, but if they aren't set up for that or don't have one to play, they will put up a "we'll be right back" card.  You'll see these on other carriers too, and sometimes on networks (especially on sports networks showing local games, where they might have a harder time selling ads). 


AT&T doesn't seem to handle their ad slots great for AT&T TV (and Now) - a bit surprising since I would think it would be the same handling as they use for DirecTV and U-Verse, which seem to avoid the card (filling the slots with house ads and PSAs) - but they probably have fewer unsold slots for those (older, more subscribed) services, so I might just never have noticed.  (Or it may the fact that I am in a large media market, so it's easier for them to sell local ads than in a smaller media market, because I don't see the "we'll be back" card that often even on AT&T TV.)

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