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Wed, Nov 30, 2016 4:49 PM

$35 Go Big Introductory Price and Premium Channels

I signed up for the Go Big $35 promotion. 


Your account must be active and subscribed to Go Big before the introductory promotional pricing period ends to receive Go Big introductory pricing. If you cancel your account or change your plan after the introductory promotional period ends, your account will renew at the package price then in effect. Channels, features, and terms subject to change & may be discontinued without notice.

If I add HBO Go for $5, or any other premium channel, does that constitute a plan change? Or, is a plan change considered switching between the four plan tiers?


Thank you!





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4 years ago

Talked with a chat rep:

When I signed up the ATT rep clicked to fast and we missed the option to add HBO. (my situation) 


Here's what I was told:

- Adding the premiums does not change the Go Big Promo - $35.00

- I added the HBO after account creation and was charge $15.00 and was told via chat it was for 3 months.


New Questions:

- When adding a premium will we be charge a full 3 months each time? 








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4 years ago

That's good to hear and what I was expecting when adding premium channels.


When adding a premium will we be charge a full 3 months each time?

Most likely since it was added to your existing order.


Thanks for the reply!

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