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Fri, Jun 23, 2017 9:34 PM

Wireless, U-Verse, and DIRECTV Billing Help

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 Hello Community,


To help you navigate all the different types of billing questions you may have, we’ve put together a little hub of content to provide guidance and support.


Some of the questions that we answer below are:

  • How do I understand everything that is in my bill? – Wireless, U-Verse, DIRECTV Customers
  • What will my first bill look like, and why is it different? – Wireless and U-Verse Customers
  • What happens to my bill when I make a change (prorated charges)? – Wireless and U-Verse Customers
  • How will my combined bill be different? – Wireless, U-Verse, and DIRECTV Customers

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1 y ago


I am reaching out on this forum after ATT customer support was inadequate in resolving my billing issues. I received a courtesy text message from ATT that my long distance call charges exceed $200. I immediately called ATT customer support 4 days later to resolve the issue as I had not made any international calls from my phone. The first level customer support representative said she could not waive the $200+ bill and said that there was call made from my phone the previous week for almost an hour. I reiterated that this was a mistake. I had not travelled overseas and these charges were not legitimate. After 30 mins on the phone with her, she tried to help me by adding an international calling plan which would cost me an additional $15 rather than $200. I wasn't happy about that either but $15 was much more palatable than $200. After several tries, she said she couldn't back date the plan and transferred to another customer service rep. The second rep. provided with me a better option that she could offer me the $5 world connect plan back dated and then credited to my account, which would zero out the international call charge. This was definitely acceptable to me and I told her to proceed as well. I was on the phone with her for another 30 mins. 12 days later, now I check my statement and see that I have a $400 charge on my account!! What is going on? The $5 credit does appear on my statement but so does the $300 for the international call I did not make! Prior to all this mess, I had changed my plan to 9GB mobile share instead of whatever I had previously because I don't use as much data, which would have saved me $10/ mo. Now, I see a $400 bill, which I am unable to now pay. I had the Auto-pay feature on which I turned off, because the money would be withdrawn from my account in 2 days. I am hesitant to turn on auto-pay and receive the associated $10 discount without having this long distance charge removed. 

I have been with ATT for over 10+ years and never missed a bill payment (mainly due to auto-pay). But I am unable to understand this recent headache- I did not travel, I did not make this call so why is my account being charged $300. When I switched my mobile share plan, what did the customer rep. do? This is totally unacceptable that illegitimate charges cannot be waived and an unnecessary headache.


Please tell me what I need to do to resolve this. Any help would be appreciated.


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1 m ago

A similar precise thing has been going on to my significant other and I with respect to our remote assistance. It's been going on since April 2017. We actually have no goal. In the event that you figure out how to take care of this issue, 

if it's not too much trouble, let me know. It's so baffling to manage AT&T loathsome client support.

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