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Thu, Jan 13, 2022 7:39 PM

Wireless bill discounts

I have been a loyal customer with AT&T since I got my very first cellphone. When it was time to branch out and get my own plan I could have saved SO much money by switching providers but AT&T was always so good to me. Currently, the company is running a discount labeled HEATHCARE WORKERS. The fine print legal things states that only doctors, various levels of nurses including LPN and physicians assistants qualify for this discount. I am a register respiratory therapist. I completed the same amount of schooling as my nursing counterparts and sat for medical boards as well. I work in a pediatric ICU and take care of CHILDREN on a ventilator. I have spoken with multiple individuals who tell me that my credentials do not qualify. Why? Why do they excluded a valuable part of the medical team? You also give the same discounts to first responders. That basically covers every position I work with day in and day out. Verizon offers the discount to respiratory therapist so maybe they deserve my hard earned money. 


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Il y a 4 m

Why do they excluded a valuable part of the medical team?

Sorry, no one here can answer why ATT limits their healthcare discount to those physicians, nurses and PA’s. If you can get a discount from Verizon, then switch.

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